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Dream Theater – War Inside My Head Lyrics 18 years ago
Kinda like the movie "Taxi Driver"
Pornoy's a big fan of Scorsese films!

Mr. Big – Green-tinted Sixties Mind Lyrics 18 years ago
The "green" in this song refers to Marijuana~

Mr. Big – Addicted To That Rush Lyrics 18 years ago
Billy and Paul flies on this number~!~

Dream Theater – Disappear Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is about DEATH~

Van Halen – Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love Lyrics 18 years ago
If you listen to it backwards
Aparrantly Dave goes "F*ck you" or something

Dream Theater – Solitary Shell Lyrics 18 years ago
Its a song about an autistic child's development

Dream Theater – About to Crash Lyrics 18 years ago
Great Song(s)

According to Mike Portnoy
The Six Degrees Inner turbulence songs is about Mental Illness.

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