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Cinderella – Shelter Me Lyrics 1 year ago
The first verse is about unplugging from the world and kicking back by various methods, be it drugs, alcohol, going to the doctors for a script ect and then points out that if you do that or deviate from societal norms people will mock you and have an opinion that they really shouldn't have.

The second verses first couple lines is pretty much a dig at Al Gore himself and from the "Tipper led the war" part starts poking fun at Mary Gore, his wife, whose nickname was Mary 'Tipper' Gore who founded PMRC targeting musicians who needed to have a parental label on their record due to its content. Many people viewed it as a direct attack to the First Amendment.

The final verse as well as the chorus is reiterating and backing up the first verse with no change in meaning.

Many people were harassed during this time in music due to politics and religion. The song intentionally has a Gospel music feel to it especially towards the end and the video to the song is a mock telethon for a TV evangelist with the role of the preacher being played by Little Richard. Over all the song attacks political, religious and general overall hypocrites and the hypocrisy they fail to see due to getting in their own way. In not so many words its literally a F-U song to hypocrites.

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