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Lady GaGa – Shallow Lyrics 1 month ago
“Off the deep end” usually means something risky or uncertain. However, the “shallow” is usually not too deep or emotionally meaningful. However again... the shallow is usually a safe place to be in with no risk of drowning. Often, love songs or songs in general have a dichotomy of two contradictory concepts existing concurrently. Lady Gaga is saying she wants to break free from the mundane, day to day life. She is “Off the deep end,” exploring new ideas. But, she is also “far from the shallow... where they can’t hurt us.” There is no consequence of being injured because the water in the deep end is enough not to “meet the ground.” Nevertheless, the final outro repeats, “in the shallow, shallow,” because she is reiterating that she may be scared of change and she is precautious not to jump into anything too quickly. Thus, in the safety of the shallow and yearning to break free, yet also off the deep end to explore new ideas all the while, in a safe environment and with good intentions. Thank you.

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