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Post Malone – Sunflower Lyrics 1 year ago
*Swae Lee. Stupid autocorrect

Post Malone – Sunflower Lyrics 1 year ago
So the general meaning of this song is both subtle and strong but packed with meaning.
Sway Lee’s verse talks about how he has a big amount of money to keep a girl as well as sexual pleasures. But he didn’t take the relationship seriously. She left him and it hurt, but he continuously plays down her feelings like “screaming at my face baby don’t trip” his lack of affection is a big deal for her and he’s telling her to just calm down. She loved him and he didn’t care too much about it. “Someone too a L, don’t know how that felt.” She lost. Not him...

Whereas Posty is a little bit deeper. He basically says that he’s always gone and he feels bad about not being around. He knows that there’s a constant tug of war between his career and his lover. The correct quote is: “fighting for my trust and you won’t back down, even if we gotta risk it all right now.” Which there he means: that there was trouble in the relationship leading to lack of trust. When he’s not there’s it’s impossible for his lover to know what’s up with him. She doesn’t feel important. But regardless he is stating the option to “risk it all” and either quit his career and choose her or risk losing her and keep his career.
Sway Lee is talking about being with a girl just sexually whereas Posty is diving deeper into the roots about his struggles with love.
The chorus and song title reference the word “Sunflower” as a metaphor for this type of woman. A sunflower is a happy joyous plant that requires the perfect amount of sun and care all the time. Sway Lee’s words could be similar to just watering the plant... keeping it going but only to see it die quickly. Like it’s not the most important thing. He just waters this flower when he can remember to. Whereas Posty’s words are talking about the sun’s rays and nutrients. If post chose her, he’d have to give it the perfect amount of sun, nutrients, water, the soil would have to be perfect. A very high maintenance type of care routine.

“You’ll be left in the dust unless I stuck by you.”- if you just leave a plant there after you plant it it couldn’t survive on it’s own.

“You’re a sunflower, I think your love would be too much.”- you’re a needy flower, you require too much time and attention and it’s too much for me.

“You’re a sunflower” vs “you’re the sunflower.” -there’s always one person in a relationship who tends to be the more affectionate/needs affection type of perfection.

Bottom line is, you can’t grow a garden when you rarely tend to it. Either put the effort into making it grow, or let someone else take over for you... And don’t be like Sway Lee. Don’t waste someone’s time. Same goes for both genders... hearts are not toys.

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