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The Who – Armenia City in the Sky Lyrics 3 years ago
A fact and a hypothesis
Armenia is a city in Columbia located at 1551 m. Look at the photo on wikipedia and "City in the Sky" makes sense.
And what is Columbia infamous for…?
So forget the middle east, San Francisco and Armenian genocide.

What if the lyric is "The C is brown"
Quote from "Drugs: A users guide"
"The product is cocaine base, the low grade brown cocaine "pasta" consumed in South American slums"

And "The sky is glass"
Search a bit on the web
Drug slang
"blue sky blond" High potency marijuana from columbia
"crystal glass" Crystal shards of methamphetamine
"getting glassed" To snort methamphetamine
"glass" Heroin; amphetamine; hypodermic needle; methamphetamine
"l. a. glass" Smokable methamphetamine

And put "sky glass marijuana" into google and you'll get the picture.

His lyric is playing with evocative words in an ambiguous way.

To round off. This is a great album. All of it. If anyone asked me "which song do you wish you had written?" it would be "Sunrise"

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