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Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 1 year ago
@[sokorny:20065] Hey bigmutt! I'm not a kid. I'm already 42. I believe sokorny is not a kid as well. You are correct, we CAN actually choose to love. Although, I also agree with sokorny we can not to chose to love or be loved. With regards to "falling", I also agree with your point of view. But sometimes, we do not need to exercise it, it comes naturally.
Anyway, thank you for your input.

Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 1 year ago

I guess you guys really moved on because it's been 15 years.

It's just sad to hear that the girl you were in loved with and who was also in love with you was already committed to your best friend. It was surely a difficult situation for her because she was already in a relationship but she was in love with you. The situation was really complicated.

If I was the girl, I would have been honest with your best friend that I have feelings for his best friend. That you guys loved one another. It's like betraying her boyfriend while he was travelling for a year and you and her got closer. Even though you didn't act upon it. The fact that you guys got emotionally closer or physically closer, it was really a dangerous time.

If I was your best friend, I would appreciate if you guys were honest. Who knows, he might let go of his girlfriend if he really knew that you guys really loved one another. Possibly he broke up with her and he let her go and told her to be together with you instead. He would be happy to see you guys together knowing that you guys loved one another.

On the other hand, I respect why you didn't act upon the love you had for each other. You guys didn't want to hurt your best friend's feeling.

On second thought, it's better to hurt someone and be honest. It's better to let go of a loved one knowing that he or she is in love with someone else. It's better to give up the relationship knowing that the other person is not committed. It's better to release the loved one learning that he or she is not happy with you and he or she is happy with someone else.

I believe that's the risk of having a relationship like boyfriend or girlfriend, if it didn't work out. The only thing to do is to break up. If both are not committed, honest, and really in love with each other, it's time to
let go. Time to really move on. Not all relationships find their one true love and it's up to the individuals if they really see themselves together until they are old and gray or accept that the one, two, or third time didn't work out. As the saying goes, there is nothing permanent in this world except change.

But some are blessed to be with their one true love. Well, that's another situation.

Anyway, I guess you guys have really moved on. Although, it's really a what could have been..

Thank you for explaining.

Best Wishes. Bye.

Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 1 year ago

I'm confused with your thoughts. You said, you fell in love with a girl in uni.. University right?

You guys had an unceremonious break in your friendship ... as you both loved one another and couldn't act upon it?

How come it's unrequited love?

Do you really feel that both of you have moved on?

I do hope you guys talk so you know if it's time to really move on or if there's a chance to act upon the love that you guys have for one another.

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