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Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 1 year ago
This is based off my reaction and thoughts as to what this song means with reference from "13 Reasons Why" and why this song was chosen to be the main song.

"Take me back to the night we met"
(The singer wants to go back in time.)

"And then I can tell myself
What the hell I'm supposed to do"

(He knows now just how the relationship/situation ended and knows what decisions he can make to save it.)

And then I can tell myself
Not to ride along with you

(I like to think that when he says: "Not to ride along with you" he means not going with the flow or "riding along" but instead doing and saying the things he truly feels, now that he has seen the outcome.)

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do
Haunted by the ghost of you"

(The singer still loves the one he lost. He does not know how to move on from the past that is set in stone, instead, he relives "The Night We Met".)

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