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The Fall – Cruiser's Creek Lyrics 11 days ago
@[cutlunch:40289] No, that\'s not right, you have it backwards. The single version is the longest version, in fact, at over 6 minutes. \r\n\r\nThe version included on reissues of TNSG and various compilations including 458489, 50,000 Fall Fans Can\'t be Wrong and 58 Golden Greats (the full version was included on the TNSG box set and the 7CD singles boxset) is not the original single version at all, but an edited version lasting only just over 4 minutes. \r\n\r\nThe party is in the lyrics of both versions. What\'s missing from the truncated version is the bit about the gas leak.

The Fall – Oh! Brother Lyrics 4 years ago
"Mecass, the mass, decline, domain, relan, drazan, my heart's blocked, rout" is wrong, see:

The Fall – Cruiser's Creek Lyrics 4 years ago
If you read it, it's quite obvious that the disaster is actually averted.

The Fall – Paint Work Lyrics 4 years ago
The overtaped bit is wrong here. Correct wording is here:

The Fall – Pay Your Rates Lyrics 4 years ago
@[C3llarD00r:19329] This song was released in 1980. The poll tax riots were a decade later.

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