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Hootie & the Blowfish – Let It Breathe Lyrics 4 years ago
@[mathew1015:18485] on second thought, i think i missed a lot of what was going on in the first few verses. I'm going to revisit this.

Hootie & the Blowfish – Let It Breathe Lyrics 4 years ago
My initial thoughts are that this song is about two people who were once together and are now apart.
The singer is considering getting back together ("could we do it again", "could we swing it again") but during their relationship they had problems ("I don't want to be you, you don't want to be me") and it lead them to their current state of being apart.
The singer is questioning if their relationship was fatally flawed and if they get back together wouldn’t it just me more of the same flawed relationship ("could we live it again if we dressed the same and held on to lovers when we couldn’t… live with anyone?”)
Yet there are strong feelings of wanting/needing/desiring to get back together driven perhaps by compulsion, lingering feelings, proximity. (“it’s so very necessary…when you’re standing there”).
He feels the need to try because it’s sitting right there and there’s no sense of closure, so he wants to try again and turn over every stone to make it work (“it so delectable to see a stone”).
Once you’re out of a relationship your mind can tend to wander back to the good times and you ignore why you broke up. I imagine that’s what the singer is feeling. (“it’s so impossible to find a reason”)
He knows his love is unrequited (“you feel things in your own way”). He asks himself if he should be feeling love if it’s ummatched (“I’m supposed to lay down and bow to you”). He’s frustrated by feeling this way (“I’m tired of bailing hay for someone that I can’t see”). The person he can’t see is the person who once loved him back.
He doesn’t want to stop loving her (“I don’t want to be you”) but she doesn’t want to love him back (“you don’t want to be me”)
Ultimately though he comes to the conclusion that he need time and space from the relationship. (“let it breathe”). The repetition of that statement is a self-delivered reminder to the singer. It mirrors that mind of a man who feels unrequited love, that space and time are necessary because the heart heals slowly.

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