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Love – andmoreagain Lyrics 4 years ago
I'm not quite sure what the lyrics mean, but I'd like to think it's about a pair of lovers who have had their problems. The singer is deeply in love with AndMore but it didn't turn out well because of one reason for another.
He tried all he could and it didn't go well.
His heart beats faster when he thinks of her.
He tries to get over her with things, but they are just material and provide no real relief.
Beautiful song.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah Lyrics 4 years ago
Our God Jehovah is real , and His son Jesus is, too.
Draw closer to them both by studying the Bible and be blessed.
John 17:1-3.


Wishbone Ash – The King Will Come Lyrics 4 years ago
I once read the boys were stocked away on some farm when they came up with the lyrics and songs on Argus.
Maybe someone began witnessing to them about the Bible or one of them (Martin, Ted, Andy or Steve) sat outside at night and stared up at a full sky of stars and began wondering about their existence and previous Bible thoughts.
Anyway, only they know for sure.
It sure sounds like, though, that the second coming of the king (Jesus Christ) was on their mind, and a basic understanding of Armageddeon was in the thinking processes.
There is some doubt, though, about the prophecy being real (poison pen) or just conjecture (sign in the sand) to be wiped away by the waves of time,
so, are we simply bacteria on this small rock 93 million miles from an insignificant star in a routine galaxy, or are we the product or our Creator who has provided everything for us to live and have a bright future (paradise on earth)
I prefer to believe in and have faith in the later.

Otherwide, our existence in moot.


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