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Mazzy Star – Unreflected Lyrics 2 years ago
so... I think...
this refers to what is known as a "twin flame/karmic" relationship or "soul mate"

Once it's life's fortunate
(This is the one time that you meet with your reflection/mirror or twin flame)

Isn't this so?
The unreflected feeling

Of a shortened final soul
(This the knowledge that you will end without that soulmate/mirror)

The life that cuts the cold
Now is in your past
In our memories
We don't have much to say
We don't have much to say
We don't have much

Follow anybody
Is that what you do?

Maybe it transfixed
(transfixed can mean two different things. To be astonished or pierce with a sharp implement or weapon. So if it is referring to the sharp implement... the mental connection with your soul mate always comes thru. That's what it feels like. To be suddenly pierced by thoughts and feelings of that soul mate you are connected with.)
Done something else with you

Now we know what we'll be in the past
Another story
Another life that's left
Another life that's left
(Having several past lives with that soul)

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