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Hozier – Someone New Lyrics 3 years ago
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Hozier – Someone New Lyrics 3 years ago
I don't think this song is about literally loving somone new. I actually think this song is about his experience being in a relationship with someone and coming to fall in love with every part of that person.
In the line, "Go take this the wrong way/You knew who I was with every step that I ran to you" he's saying ironically that he means the song as as a compliment about how fun it is falling in love with the person and expresses that with every step closer to each other they came to know each other better.
But then once they knew each other their relationship was "Only blue or black days" connoting the skies and saying some days were blue-skied and happy but others were troubled black days with storm clouds, using the word "only" to specify there were no times the relationship was neutral or passionless.
Then he reveals the way he views the lover as a different person with each personality trait in the line "electing strange perfections in any stranger I choose"
He understands that there are different ways to fall in love and that this is a strange and difficult way to do it but he says "honey there ain't no right way" to make it clear he's happy to fall in love this way and to feel satisfied.
Because with each "someone new" he falls in love with daily, he is discovering a new trait of the lover that he is happy to accept and love too.
This person becomes the "distractions" of life that lift the "weight" of "scraping through" life. He then points out that for some people, one love isn't enough and they imagine the "dark caress of someone else" but that because his lover is so varied, he doesn't need to seek the "thrill" of being with someone else.
Then later he says he wakes "at the first cringe of morning" and his "heart's already sinned" because he thinks of his love the moment he wakes up. Also, the love "beneath" the surface of his "heart" is so pure and sweet he's afraid of the harm to come if his heart breaks, addressing the audience by saying "you would pray for him" to be able to keep loving and stay happy.
Finally, "love with every stranger, the stranger the better" is an expression of how he's excited to know and love every new and crazy detail about this person's life. And he's metaphorically loving every "stranger" he meets by coming to know and love this person.
Therefore, I believe it's not a song about cheating or sleeping around but about the excitement and joy of a new relationship.

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