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Tool – Fear Inoculum Lyrics 4 days ago
Only the brainwashed believe the MSM is honest and objective.

Tool – Fear Inoculum Lyrics 5 days ago
Quite simple, this song is about finally discovering that you've been lied to, deceived, brainwashed, and used as a useful idiot from propaganda machine that is the mainstream media. They have been inoculated (reverse brainwashed) from the venom (entertainment media) and have purged all the hate (malady) from their mind.

Deftones – Gauze Lyrics 2 years ago
@[MyTooCents:21294] This is it. I think the song title --and lyrics of course-- points to the song being specifically about the reluctant war hero.

FFS people, don't make every song interpretation a psychological projection into your relationship problems.

Audioslave – I Am the Highway Lyrics 2 years ago
Pearls and swine bereft OF ME
Friends and liars (COMMA) don't wait for me

The highway, sky, lighting, night, NOT your wheels, carpet ride, blowing wind, autumn moon.

He is not owned/loyal to anyone, friend or foe. They are bereft of him, don't wait or count on him, he is the highway.

311 – Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm Lyrics 3 years ago
I always felt like this song was referring to the G.W. Bush presidency.

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