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Parkway Drive – Bottom Feeder Lyrics 3 years ago
I can't believe this song is not more popular. It is easily one of the heaviest on this album by far in my opinion.

I think this song is about pride or prideful people in general. Quotes like,

"You've had your time in the sun. Keep your head down kid, your fifteen seconds are done"

"Who talks the talk, who walks the walk and who's for fucking show"

"Pride cometh before the fall"

all seem to point to this idea. The accuser (Winston) points out their flaws and compares them to filth.

"I know how this one ends"

"Let's get this straight, while you're listening, in my world you count for nothing"

"I'll take your word like I take your name"(Bottom Feeder a.k.a. low life)

He then concludes saying that they should perish.

"You snap your neck to this. No mercy, no peace, you fucking bottom feeder".

I think it is also important to point out that throughout the song, the accuser also states that the prideful sew there own demise. "I know how this one ends". Almost as if the he knew all along that the prideful would eventually shoot themselves in foot and/or be beaten.

Over all, I think this song is really intense. The accuser (Winston) is extremely irritated and angry. The fact that the rhythm gets heavier as the song progresses is also a cool factor. The elaborate use of simile's and metaphors really help reinforce the fury that the accuser is trying to convey. As I read lyrics along with the song I can really get a pissed off vibe that heightens the mood throughout. Excellent literary content, melodic heavy riffs, and breakdown really make this song one of a kind.

Parkway Drive – Writings on the Wall Lyrics 3 years ago
This song is SO powerful the stomp and clap beat reminds me of "We Will Rock You" from Queen. This song is like auditory caffeine. When the guitar intercedes at 2:26 it makes me want to start throwing stuff in my room.

I think this song is one of those classic "rebellious" songs that musicians pump to get kids excited at shows. Though the basis of this song is to "break the cycle" I still think that we can get some merit out of it (not that the song is bad). The song describes how everyone just does what they're told and given lies to make them think that everything is "alright". The title "Writings On The Wall" comes from a story in the Bible. Basically meaning, a forewarning that bad will come. I think that Winston is trying say that we should instead think for ourselves and always question our motives. Its as if we are dumb sheep and are led by a shepherd of iniquity. Though the message of the song is a bit widespread among other artists, I think that this is a great song. The adrenaline, meaning, and intensity combined really gives this song a solid kick.

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