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Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Lyrics 16 years ago
Actually, Phoebe101 is correct. It is "hour after hour". The second "hour", however, is a pun and is taken both ways, "hour" and "our".

Okay, this song is great. It took major contemplation and arguements with my English class, but we figured out its meaning. Think of this song, if you will, as a factory's assembly line. The assembly line begins with pieces and progressively builds upon those pieces to create a finished product. This song begins in pieces as well. "Work it." "Make it." etc. After a bit, newer, slightly more complex 'pieces' are added, but the whole of the meaning and structure is still incomplete. "More than hour." "Hour never." etc. Finally, the song hits the final and most complex 'sentence' verse. This verse is finely structured compared to the earlier, rougher stanzas. It is efficient and to the point, thought vague, as it can be. Efficiency comes in the pun with "hour". It would take more words to include the true meaning.

The mechanical voice and constant, pulsating beat in this song greatly add to the effect of an assembly line.

Okay, now with that out of the way, the meaning:

Efficiency/Perfection. That is what this song is about. Working harder; making the product better, ever faster, makes the workers prosper. The workers strive to make their products more efficient, both tangible and intangible products. The work towards efficiency makes everything better superficially.

However, the next line reveals the catch. More than ever, hour after hour, our work is never over.

"More than ever." Each time the product is improved, a new, better, more efficient process is revealed. Every time the product is updated, a new improvement can be put on it. "More than ever" shows the fanatic strive towards the perfection.

"Hour after hour" Continous work.

"[Our] work is never over." The continous strive for effecient perfection is never over. New ideas and advances are always being made.

That staza's meaning as a whole is left up to the individual listener to decide. Whether the listener enjoys contast work for perfection, leaving out the love and joy of living or does not like the idea of striving for something unobtainable while losing out on all the fun of life.

Any other additions or points I've missed?

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