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Bruce Springsteen – Dry Lightning Lyrics 5 years ago
She said "ain't nobody gonna give nobody
What they really need anyway"
Many of Bruce's songs portray a protagonist who fails to grasp the holy grail. We chase it, we dream about it and we suffer all for it. We suffer to the point of being utterly pathetic, others see how pathetic we are, we cannot see it ourselves. The screen door is hanging of the hinges, our quest is also hanging off the hinges.
Others will not fulfill our needs, that is the dry lighting.

Bruce Springsteen – Stolen Car Lyrics 5 years ago
@[ZFT:7324] A man defined by his own isolation. Sums that up nicely, maybe why i relate so much to this song. The theme threads through many of Bruce's characters including the audience. We ride together.

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