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Hozier – To Be Alone Lyrics 4 years ago
I don't think it has a damn thing to do with rape OR drugs. haven't you seen "Trainspotting"? at the very beginning, Ewan McGregor is talking about the PLEASURE of heroin, and how there's NOTHING else on Earth like it, better than the best sex ever by like a millionfold.

Hozier begs to differ. "it's the god that heroin prays to" is a statement that being with his lover is so fulfilling and consuming that the PLEASURE of THAT is something to which even fucking heroin can't hold a candle.

the references to "rape culture" and "crowds" and "hate this place" and etc are all an expression of deep dissatisfaction with a spiritually bankrupt society. "I feel like a person for a moment of my life" because we're all reduced to automatons and cogs in the machine, and when he's with his girl, instead, he feels HUMAN. so, this one is about pretty much exactly the same thing as "Take Me to Church" -- the redemptive power of erotic love -- but TMtC is an indictment of religion, and this is an indictment of materialism.

"kiss the skin that crawls from you" is about peeling away the layers of masks and habits and identity markers to reveal one's true self, one's soul, to someone trusted, and the "questions I can't ask" are all the little confidences between intimates that are meaningless if not given freely.

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