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Soundgarden – Mailman Lyrics 3 years ago
Here's the true meaning. FIFTEEN frickin' years after I first heard this infectious damn song.

I though that it all sounded familiar...

Before I give you the acronym clue. Get ready to do a little study boys and girls. Phrases like "Top/Bottom", "Ridin' you" "Do the same for me". Ha ha! Are ya' gettin' it a little bit now? Look up these definitions, once I lay it out for you...

"Switch",."Eye Averting", There are a lot more in this tune, but I think you're getting it now.

I'm the "mailman", this time around. You just became the "recipient"! Uhhg! Ya' like that!

Red! Red!

Oh crap! Yeah that's right! You guessed it. Chris Cornell was a fan!


I'm right huh?

How's that for a subliminal? - jef

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