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Agalloch – Kneel To The Cross Lyrics 4 years ago
@[EuropeanJazz:4604] Unfortunately I can't guarantee the same of everyone else. I like your kind of thinking, though. I'd hope most people don't worship a vengeful, jealous kind of God, but one that values your goodwill in life.

Agalloch – Kneel To The Cross Lyrics 4 years ago
@[EuropeanJazz:4602] Cool. I'm in the practice of spamming my friends whenever I find a delightful new song, but this has proved a problem with this song in particular. It is rather hard to find to find pro-Christianity metal songs, at least in my experience. Other songs you can get away with, this one not so much.

Not that I disagree with the lyrics.

Agalloch – Kneel To The Cross Lyrics 4 years ago
@[EuropeanJazz:4595] I don't know about you, but this whole song reeks of satire. Interesting view (...?) nonetheless.

In Flames – Moonshield Lyrics 4 years ago
@hunt hell Yeah, sounds like there are pagan ideas (though you do realise that is a large range...?). "Lust" and "cross" in particular seem to highlight the Christianity/Paganism struggle.
But really, when you're in the realm of melodic death or folk metal, the ideas about nature are going to pop out a lot; a lot of songs can be interpreted to be about paganism whether they are meant to be or not.

In Flames – Moonshield Lyrics 4 years ago
Probably would be much easier and more accurate to like it to something that has our hero trapped "brother-pact in blood ink penned"and his long for "the moonshield that once upon us shone", but I think the main tripping point is how he/she at first refers to the moonshield as an external entity or object and then BECOMES the moonshield. I've been trying to come up with a definition for a while, and the closest thing I have to a guess would be Prometheus/Pandora. What intrigues me the most is the obvious references to Christianity - "lust", "cross". I guess the moonshield itself is the main thing in question here C;

Tried of dull ages, I walk the same ground,
Collecting the tragedies still
Hollow ambitions in a hollow mind
Carried my cross to the hill
-> could be used to describe pre-Pandora immortal men on earth, as subserviant immortals to the Gods of Mt. Olympus

And how I lust for the dance and the fire
Deep of the nectarine sunset to drink
Spill me the wind and its fire
To steal of the colors - I´m the moon shield
-> "steal" and "fire" just jumped out at me here, and that immediately linked my thoughts to Prometheus and the fire-stealing (which taken a step further could be knowledge, free will, "colors", related to the positives such as dance and fire, drinking of the nectarine sunset) "moonshield" I thought of as two parts - "moon" being Pandora, bringer of evils and mortality to men; because in neo-pagan terms at least, women are usually associated with the moon, and "shield" being Prometheus, the one who took the blame for giving mankind what was theirs in the first place (and ultimately taking the punishment too.)

Shattered hope became my guide
And grief and pain my friends
A brother pact in blood-ink penned
Declared my silent end
-> Zeus gets angry.

Naked and dying under worlds of silent stone
reaching for the moonshield that once upon us shone
-> Prometheus' liver gets pecked out a renewed daily. 'Nuff said.
-> Second line is where it gets tricky. Could be from man's perspective, moonshield being pre-Prometheus/Pandora fiasco, when they were still immortal and "safe"

I'm the .. I'm the... I'm the...
I'm the moonshield...
-> aaaand Prometheus/Pandora accept the blame, taking on the role of the bad guy and accepting humanity's blame, when they were the ones to break the cycle/bring fire in the first place

Idk, I'm pretty sure I was reaching. A lot.
It's still fun to speculate, though.

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