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Twenty One Pilots – Not Today Lyrics 4 years ago
Ok so here's my opinion.

This guy tried to kill himself but his friend stopped him and now he's in the hospital "the same place I was born in" and he's mad at his friend for saving him and won't say anything to him. That's why he's thinking "you are out of my mind" and all that but his friend won't give up on him. One day he just is done and throws the window open and basically says say whatever you want just say something and get it out of you. The get in a fight "don't you test me no just because I play the piano doesn't mean I'm not willing to take you down" but they make up and he starts to come around.

After a while the guy starts thinking his friend doesn't really care and starts going back into a depression and won't leave his room. Then his friend gets made and basically does the same thing with the window proving that he does care and will always care.

Kinda stupid but it's what I think haha

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