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Have Heart – Pave Paradise Lyrics 6 years ago
The song is about being on the road, wanting to make a name for yourself, working through discomfort to get their.
To me, the Pave Paradise feels also like that long road also portrays life with problems such as depression while you have a huge power of will. You know it's a long road with no way back, so you just roll on and hope that you'll get to the next stop fast.

Have Heart – No Roses, No Skies Lyrics 6 years ago
It's clear that the song is about a girl that is insecure because of society, but to me this song reminds me of my best-friend/girlfriend who committed suicide when I was 15.

"she's a song unsung
she's the wild orchid in your ugly swamp
she's a song unsung
and only the white walls of her mind know what that song sounds like." - The world is nasty, and when you're beautiful and breakable no one will hear what you have to say.

"i hear you, i feel you, i bleed with you
when our hearts begin to scream:

t h i s l i f e c a n f e e l t o o l o n g." - all the suffering she had stabbed me in the heart too, and you both just keep hurting because you don't know how to change this.

"no rose, no sky as full of beauty as the girl who dies
but rises with every morning's sun." - This line makes me cry everytime I hear it...

Trivium – In Waves Lyrics 6 years ago
I think the song is about the Japanese style of warfare in the Second World War, and since Matt is part-Japanese I could really believe that idea.

"I know that death approaches fast": he knows that he will die anyway in this battle

"In waves": waves of soldiers

"What's the purpose if this life won't last? Pulling everyone down with me.": sounds pretty much like the attitude of someone comitting Kamikaze, because, if he will die anyway, why would he die without taking the enemies with him?

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