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Pixies – Greens And Blues Lyrics 4 years ago
I think all of the relationship interpretations are pretty accurate. The one thing I'd say, based on a lot of former Pixies lyrics... I think the Green and Blue has a reference to Green and Blue algae - basically the beginning of life on earth that evolved from the oceans.

For example - 'My bits all wander in the trees.'

but mostly - 'I said I'm human, but you know I lied.
I'm only visiting this shore.
I'll soon be leaving in the outbound tide.'

It reminds me of lyrics from the Pixies song ('A Sad Punk', I believe) - which goes '...and evolving from the sea, would not take too much time for me, to walk beside you in the sun.'

Frank has always had a lot of references to ocean life (Thalassacracy, Wave of Mutilation, etc.) - so it fits that theme for me.

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