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Hozier – Cherry Wine Lyrics 3 years ago
Hi!...I had never watched the official video. I didn't know there was one, so my interpretation was only from the lyrics. I did go and view it after your reply. Even with the video, I would still interpret the song the same. The woman in the video is clearly suffering from physical abuse. I think the man is the one voicing the lyrics in the song. I don't think he is the abuser. I would say the physical abuse is coming from the woman's husband and maybe that is what drives her into the arms of this other man. His mental abuse comes from the fact that even though she is hurt, she still won't leave her husband for him. I noticed a picture of a baby as well, so maybe that's what keeps her from ending her marriage. To me, the video gives a backstory to why the woman is cheating on her husband and the lyrics show to torture that her lover faces mentally, possible because he wants to be with her and protect/save her all at the same time and he can't. Interesting, thanks for bringing my attention the video! ;)

Hozier – Cherry Wine Lyrics 4 years ago
The lyrics of this song are written just as beautifully as he sings them. I understand the physical aspect that some may interpret from it. I on the other hand believe that it is not physical but emotional abuse. The singer plays the part of the mistress but in a male form. Although this exist in our society, it is rarely spoken of and thus makes the lyrics of this song even more haunting.

"Her eyes and words are so icy
Oh but she burns
Like rum on the fire
Hot and fast and angry as she can be
I walk my days on a wire."

She is cold towards him emotionally at times. She blames him for the feelings of guilt and regret she has for cheating on her husband. He feels that at anytime he could lose her.

"It looks ugly, but it's clean,
Oh momma, don't fuss over me."

I believe he is referring to society including all of his friends and family when he references his mother. He feels what they have is pure although it is looked at with disdain by the rest of the world.

"The way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine."

When she loves him, she loves with everything she has. Although the time that they have is fleeting and rare, it's sweet and it's worth all the mental torture and anquish that he feels from knowing that he can never fully have her.

"Calls of guilty thrown at me
All while she stains
The sheets of some other
Thrown at me so powerfully
Just like she throws with the arm of her brother."

The sheets of some other refers to her husband. Here again is referring back to the opening of the song. She blames him for the guilt she feels while she is with her spouse.

"But I want it
It's a crime
That she's not around most of the time."
"The way she shows me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
Blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine."

He knows it's wrong in every way but he craves her with his entire heart and soul. The part about about her not being around most of the time is the fact that she is still with her husband. This again goes to the chorus of "the blood being rare". I think the blood refers to their time together.

"Her fight and fury is fiery
Oh but she loves
Like sleep to the freezing
Sweet and right and merciful
I'm all but washed
In the tide of her breathing."

"And it's worth it, it's divine
I have this some of the time."

Again, he takes the blame and mental abuse from her. He his utterly in love with this woman. He feels that when she is with him, that the way she loves him...the way she gives herself him is worth all the pain he feels when she isn't around. He would rather have her some of the time than not to have her at all.

We can all relate this to personal experience and interpret it how we wish. This is my take on it. Either way, it's a beautiful song.

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