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Caesars – Jerk It Out Lyrics 6 years ago
@[mishmeister:5408] mind blown

Caesars – Jerk It Out Lyrics 6 years ago
@[outlawsys:5407] you know, that makes much more sense. I think the term 'jerk' is the only reason people shout it was about sex or masturbation. The rest of the lyrics don't line up great with that theory but the drug thing makes more sense.

Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong Lyrics 6 years ago
I couldn't fully understand this song until I went through an experience that this song perfectly fit into. The verses are all sort of a reasoning, explaining his own personality and providing metaphors to the current situation. The verses are an argument as to why he isn't wrong.

The chorus describes the situating which could be that he wants to enter a relationship with someone but they think its crazy due to circumstance as in distance, or other people's views, and other extremities. So he's saying that maybe he's not so crazy. Just cause it seems crazy doesn't make it wrong. And if he is wrong he doesn't want to be right. What he is saying is that they can do this even if it's really super crazy to consider it. Great song.

Banks – Beggin for Thread Lyrics 6 years ago
The song is talking about how she is confusing at time and can be harsh or judgmental at times. She has a dark side. But that he knew all these things at that's exactly why he entered a relationship with her. But apparently she got close and he backed out 'ripping a hole' in her head. She thought he could handle her but he couldn't and she ended up hurt. But now she thinks he knew the whole time what she was and always planned to leave. He tried to cover up what was really going through his head but she figured it out now because her "tracks are better."

Awesome song.

Phil Collins – I Don't Care Anymore Lyrics 6 years ago
@[gdrs:5117] the word is actually darn with an odd accent, you're right it shouldn't be damn.

Phil Collins – I Don't Care Anymore Lyrics 6 years ago
@[gdrs:5116] the word is actually darn with an odd accent, you're right it shouldn't be damn.

Brandon Heath – Might Just Save Your Life Lyrics 6 years ago
To me this song is song from the point of view of either God, or a certain side of an individual's brain. Taking place late at night, this song is a struggle happening inside of a persons head as they come close to the metal equivalent of pushing over the edge one way or the other. The devil apparently already thinks he's one this person over. Its sort of a angle on one shoulder devil on the other and the song is sung by the angel. The song brings a sense of urgency that they can't stay where they are. Not physically but mentally. It isn't safe anymore, the mindset they have and it is urgent that they leave it behind.

"I know you thought
Your faith was gone
But I'm as real as the fire that you're on"

This verse and the lines following really bring out the character who sings it. As the 'angel on the should' he cries that look I'm here. These thoughts of good are proof that I am real. I know how to fight, I'm not afraid, take my hand and we'll get through this together. This decision could save your life or doom it.

Then again we see that the person spoken to is giving up on themselves but the angel isn't. The sense of urgency and the idea that it could save their life and is super important is enhanced by the few unique lyrics with more of a repetition on "it might just save your life."

Trocadero – Contact Lyrics 6 years ago
This is one of the most ambiguous (is that the right word?) songs I've encountered and the meaning is hard to find. The song was written by the makers of the show Red Vs Blue and written for the show itself however even incorporating that the meaning is still hard to find.

In one verse you see the line "the longness of semper." Semper is the latin word for Always. Always would be a long time. in the beginning you see "We've ben her so long." So there is a theme of being in the same place (whether physically or otherwise) for a long time. There is also a feeling of being trapped where you are which does line up with the show and so you're trying to 'contact' someone to get you out of where you are. Am i transmitting, is anyone listening. Green and Grey give very somber and lonely textures to the song as well.

The numbers 2, 4, 1, 10 seem to be random. However when I googled only these numbers the second link was to a collection of Bible verses. 2 Corinthians 4:1-10. Interestingly enough, these scriptures actually are a hopeful collection describing how things are tough but we'll make it through, "We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed." and such. While this may be coincidence, the numbers may actually be the only really piece of hope. A thread that they can make it out, that they will eventually make contact.

The whole thing about riding around on shiny metal horses seems to be a metaphor for technology like motorcycles and cars. "Singing our riding songs" almost seems to suggest the wars fought with this technology, like war cries and such. The next two verses are hard since there is some debate of whether the words are "will be forgotten" or "won't be forgotten." If it is "won't" then this gives even more of a war like theme as the victor won't be forgotten and other is wrong because each side believes the other to be wrong. If it is "will" then it is possible a somber lyric that neither side really comes out on top. One is forgotten but in the future the other will be consider evil for what they did.

Then we see the line "When I think of you." Which is the first time the song directs attention to one specific being. There was a lot of "us" and "our" but this is the first and only "you" which seems to suggest the "us" and "our" may be only two people. "Your name in the sky, ninety feet high." this is where is gets weird. I googled ninety feet high and first thing you get the Bible again. King Nebuchadnezzar made a statue for himself that was specifically described in the Bible as being ninety feet high. After creating this golden obelisk he then decreed that whenever the horn blew everyone had to bow down to him. This is where the story starts about the three men thrown into the furnace for not bowing yet not being burned up because God protected them. Again maybe just a coincidence but to have two themes sparking immediate Bible excerpts is interesting. This, along with the war theme I described earlier, could actually be a criticism of man and the entire song is actually a call for contact with God, mortality, and such.

While I like this interpretation and it could fit the show this song is attached to isn't exactly a 'reverent' show. It isn't exactly 'irreverent' either and while is full of goofy comedy, actually has a complex story line like no other and is full of mystery and intrigue. So for now, this is my interpretation.

That 1 Guy – Packs a Wallop Lyrics 6 years ago
I heard this song on what was self described as a Native American radio station. Honestly, I swear this entire song is literally about the children's game Duck Duck Goose. Or at least it uses the the game and places it next to life as a metaphor. But I'm pretty sure it is just about the game with no real deeper meaning. If that's true, I honestly love it even more.

Woodkid – Iron Lyrics 7 years ago
The first verse is simple. The ocean would represent being alone which he reiterates later. Dead and cast away are is just as it seems, he has been forgotten.

"A million mile from home, I'm walking ahead" The important piece of this line that many miss is when he specifically say he is "walking ahead", this seems to have little purpose at first but what he is pointing out is that he his away from home but not going back home, he is moving forward and away from home.
"Frozen to the bones" means he is weary of his journey

the second verse seems to allude that he is a soldier and because of that he doesn't know the way because a soldiers job is to follow orders. He is ashamed possibly because he doesn't agree with killing people.
"I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I'm ready for the fight, and fate" This is where it gets an American feel. The call being a draft, hand on chest being when you say the pledge of Allegiance. He is ready to fight for his country and die if need be.

The next verse is war description.

Honestly by this verse it starts to sound like he has PTSD. He is anxious now accepting that he will never be the same and his body want the killing again now.

The last verse starts to reiterate the fist. He is weary of this journey, of the PTSD, of the cold. He is leaving home and thinking of a supposed loved one.

All in all my interpretation is this story starts with a veteran stressed from what he's seen in war. A flash back to joining the army and fighting. Then back to present where the stress is too much and he is getting ready to end it all or perhaps simply trying to cope.

The purpose is to bring to attention the silent battles that happen inside of someone and the pain it causes them. We are all soldiers "on our own" fighting our own wars, trying to cope

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