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Guns N' Roses – November Rain Lyrics 8 months ago
November is an appealing aesthetic lyrically, but there is a method to the writer's choice of the word. It is symbolic because November is a month of both dying and not yet complete death, which explains the emotions regarding the person that the speaker is in love with:

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

For some reason, the person that the speaker is with it holding back. "Don't you know I feel the same" does not mean that they requite love, but rather that they are wearing their heart on their sleeve or at the very least given a hint of expression of their feelings.

Nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

They figure that a counterargument may be that there is time if this person does not feel strongly about them--at least they're not repulsed. However, it is hard to hope when there is something dying that has not even yet been born. Hence, November is a month where there is little life (not complete death like winter) but there is no capability of getting better.

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain, oo yeah
But love is always coming and love is always going
And no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away

A lot of people seek companionship in the face of loneliness. The speaker knows that the person they are in love with is hanging on by a thin string. Just as cold rain can easily turn to snow, so can this fragile "love" disappear easily. If anything, the speaker is the one who is the only life in their love.

"Love is always coming and love is always going"; notice the "-ing." Love has never COME and love has never GONE. It is always in a state of in-between, and sometimes that is worse for people. And it seems to be the trend nowadays as well.

If we could take the time
To lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you were mine
All mine
So if you want to love me
Then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain

The speaker wants them to have a serious conversation about their feelings. Even though this was written in the nineties, I feel as if this situation is extremely prevalent today. People avoid sharing their feelings because they want some but not all--they don't want to go in all the way because that's a lot of effort. I run into this problem a lot, which is why I plan on confessing my feelings if it ever gets to this point. (If you're in a situation like this, you should too. You owe it to yourself; and if the other person isn't willing, then they are not worth it.)

So instead of confessing their feelings (that might mean letting go completely), the speaker puts the ball in their court. If they are left unloved by this person, they will just continue in this in-between state of not really living or dying.

Do you need some time on your own
Do you need some time all alone
Everybody needs some time
On their own
Don't you know you need some time all alone

The speaker is wondering if they just need some space to think about their feelings because they feel like if they are introspective, they would realize that they should be with the speaker.

I know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal a broken heart
Wouldn't time be out to charm you

It is a challenge to love someone in today's world because it is hard to know whether a person is pure or not. It is arguably very hard to find a good person that has your best interests at heart. But the speaker promises to be loyal if they end up loving them and therefore easing their pain.

Sometimes I need some time on my
Sometimes I need some time all alone
Everybody needs some time
On their own
Don't you know you need some time all alone

The speaker is almost mocking now, taking their own advice. They need some time to think of why they would even spend time considering this person. Is it worth someone who might not care in return? Why should they matter that much? This sort of overdone effort is all too common today. Unrequited love isn't just not returning feelings but not returning effort and being aloof towards what is obvious. No one is really that oblivious, and that's just mean.

And when your fears subside
And shadows still remain, oh yeah
I know that you can love me
When there's no one left to blame
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain

Some people are genuinely scared and afraid of trusting and loving. If this is their proposed reason for not reciprocating, that is. The speaker is talking ironically here. They are making excuses FOR them. They are being optimistic because they realize that eventually a choice will have to be made.

Remember, "We still can find a way" can mean the opposite of what one thinks. Eventually, something will be either be reborn or death will occur. Death makes the most sense if you're thinking about the seasons, though.

Don't ya think that you need somebody
Don't ya think that you need someone
Everybody needs somebody
You're not the only one
You're not the only one

Just because Guns 'N Roses are hard rock does not mean that they needed to sound so harsh in this section. But they chose to because the speaker is frustrated. Doesn't everyone want a companion in life? That's what makes today's culture so weird sometimes. How can being in a state of in-between be enough? Although the speaker feels alone in their situation, they remind themselves that most people are in this situation and dealing with someone else like this.

My advice to you, folks: If you ever encounter someone this atrocious, kick them to the curb. What an unamusing waste of time! They are all laughable humans.

Air Supply – Making Love Out Of Nothing At All Lyrics 10 months ago
The meaning of this song is a lot different than what most people are commenting. However, I can prove that it is simple enough with the exception of the statement "making love out of nothing at all." That seems to trip everyone up during the interpretation.

I know just how to whisper
And I know just how to cry
I know just where to find the answers
And I know just how to lie
I know just how to fake it
And I know just how to scheme
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream
And I know just where to touch you
And I know just what to prove
I know when to pull you closer
And I know when to let you loose
And I know the night is fading
And I know the time's gonna fly
And I'm never gonna tell you everything I've gotta tell you
But I know I've gotta give it a try
And I know the roads to riches
And I know the ways to fame
I know all the rules and then I know how to break 'em
And I always know the name of the game
But I don't know how to leave you
And I'll never let you fall
And I don't know how you do it....

This is just a poetic way of being repetitive. The speaker is famous (perhaps one of the singers) and is very good at figuring out how to make his way in the world. Picture yourself at your most confident; do you not feel as if you are influential and can do anything? This is not to be confused with arrogance. The speaker just feels as if he knows every way to get what he wants in life, which is not bad (there is no talk about this being demeaning to another person). He gets what he wants, including this girl.

However, he is stumped. There is almost a sense of sadness because he knows that he will never understand how this woman is able to do this. What is "making love out of nothing at all," then? Well, this woman is no one spectacular--clearly, no one is spectacular compared to the speaker, who clearly is a talented individual. He has a lot to live for--but without this talent, who is he? This woman is able to be beautiful without using anything to her advantage. It is beautiful when you think about it. I know that I would struggle to find any meaning to my life without my talents.

So, then why is this song arguably one of the best love songs ever written? The following verse shows us:

Every time I see you all the rays of the sun are
Streaming through the waves in your hair
And every star in the sky is taking aim at
Your eyes like a spotlight
The beating of my heart is a drum, and it's lost
And it's looking for a rhythm like you
You can take the darkness at the pit of the night
And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright
I've gotta follow it 'cause everything I know
Well, it's nothing 'til I give it to you
I can make the runner stumble
I can make the final block
I can make every tackle at the sound of the whistle
I can make all the stadiums rock
I can make tonight forever
Or I can make it disappear by the dawn
I can make you every promise that has ever been made
And I can make all your demons be gone
But I'm never gonna make it without you
Do you really want to see me crawl
And I'm never gonna make it like you do....

He is commenting on her appearance and how she makes him feel just as a person. Imagine falling for someone just for who they are and nothing more. Why do we prize so much a simple human connection? Well, because this bond between humans, without having anything in common or anything to gain from it, is truly beautiful.

Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Lyrics 1 year ago
Life circumstances are forcing this relationship to end. However, it has taught the woman how a healthy relationship should be like.

Something good happens out of the bad in life always, for this is how people learn lessons for the future.

Harry Styles – Sign of the Times Lyrics 1 year ago
Although Styles said that in an interview this is about a mother talking to her infant before she dies in childbirth, there are still ways to relate to this as a listener.

Just stop your crying
It's a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you're wearing your best clothes

You can't bribe the door on your way to the sky
You look pretty good down here
But you ain't really good

This is about coming to terms with death--but it could also be any transformation. When you go through a big transition in life, you essentially are forced to die. You have to make it your best and not be upset because it is just a natural part of time. It is also important to put on a good appearance, since that is how you will be remembered.

The second part of the verse is similar to the song "Stairway to Heaven." When you're being forced to make a change, you don't really have a say. Doing this make someone's appearance only that--an appearance.

We never learn, we've been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we've been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

As humans, we are always dying and being reborn again in various situations. However, we avoid what might kill us or what makes us afraid. We might grow and become better people, but there is usually something in the back of our minds preventing us from acting to our full capabilities.

Just stop your crying
It's a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying
It'll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here

Just stop your crying
Have the time of your life
Breaking through the atmosphere
And things are pretty good from here

This part of life is unhealthy and the speaker of the song feels like they must escape it and that will be the solution. Someone in authority has said that it is time to move on. It seems like this is a great hope and for the best.

It is stressed that despite the fact they are moving on, they must enjoy the time they have left together because it is important or they will not learn anything from the transition. You will always be looking for breaks in life if you do not stop and enjoy it. When you do, a bad situation that you will inevitably get out of will be a learning experience that will make you stronger when you transition.

Remember, everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here

For whatever reason, these two people are parting. Their lives are probably just going on two different paths. The speaker is reminding the person that they are talking to repeatedly that it will be okay; change is a natural part of life. They will reunite eventually but in a different way than they knew each other before.

We don't talk enough
We should open up
Before it's all too much
Will we ever learn?
We've been here before
It's just what we know

In life, it's often hard to communicate with certain people. Relationships are strange and so are lack of ones. Some people have connections with one another that they cannot explain. Even when life situations change and they become better people, they are still afraid of whatever is between them.

Overall, this song is about change and how as humans, no matter how powerful we become, we all have one person who is our weakness.

Lady GaGa – Million Reasons Lyrics 1 year ago
Although I have been playing this song for a while, it was not until something similar happened to me that I fully felt and not just understood its meaning. It is about one person giving everything, and the other giving next to nothing.

The speaker has been led on. They have found out about it through many ways. However, if there was an easy way (the highway), they would choose to go the harder route because that is their romantic character. But it doesn't mean they like chasing people--they would settle down ("be still") if that person reciprocated in the same way.

The speaker, seeks God for answers regarding this person. When they feel bad, they turn to religion. The leather even has significance: They want a higher power (the only hope they have) to reveal why this person is leading them on. The answer would help them discover the reason to stay.

In the next verse, the speaker is describing how they feel around this person. When you think about it from the outside, you might wonder why someone would want to be with a person who is leading them on. They feel like this love is real because it is natural and yet still they still feel lofty around them. When the person says something that is underneath their leather, it just confuses the speaker more because of the conflicting messages.

The bridge reveals that "every heartbreak," (not individual people, but rather every single repetitive reason), makes it harder for them to suppose it will work. However, one reason, not necessarily confirmation from the person, but rather their feelings for them, will make them stay connected.

This song is despondent because it shows how something illogical is indeed logical. I feel like this song understands me and it makes me feel better. I hope anyone reading this who now knows its true meaning garners something from it too.

Chris De Burgh – The Lady in Red [From Working Girl] Lyrics 1 year ago
I personally love this song because red is my favorite color to wear, and I will be wearing it to a dance.

This song is easy to understand and yet wonderful. It is when someone notices another person for the first time because they are all glamoured up. I do not think it is shallow at all. If you listen to his voice, it is clear that he is astounded and genuine about his feelings.

I often feel like people can act a certain way in the right circumstances, or dress very well, and all of a sudden we can see what we did not before. This song is more about that feeling than anything. It's also about killing it with an outfit, which every woman wants to do--but especially this one.

I have reason to believe that "the lady in red" (stating "the" in the title describes her importance) is an outcast of sorts because she has never been noticed. But on this magical night, she has been more than noticed--and by everyone.

The man dancing with her feels special and like they are the only two in the room, but be careful with this song. It never explicitly states that he is anything special to her. However, romantic me likes to this she will in time. As aforementioned, sometimes you see something suddenly that you never have before.

Birdy – Not About Angels Lyrics 1 year ago
We know full well there's just time
So is it wrong to toss this line?
If your heart was full of love
Could you give it up?

There's "just" time. This signals that time is only obstacle standing between them. So how could it be wrong to pursue the relationship? If you're feeling something, wouldn't that mean it was worth it?

It's rare in life to come across special or even supernatural people. Let's face it, but in today's world it's rare to find someone trustworthy and kind. When you do, you make unbreakable bonds and that connection does nothing bad like a toxic relationship might. Time is the only thing that would hurt them.

How unfair, it's just our luck
Found something real that's out of touch
But if you'd searched the whole wide world
Would you dare to let it go?

It might just be me because I'm a good, talented person, but love doesn't always pass "angels'" way at an opportune moment. But sometimes it is hard to imagine anyone else who is like them that you could ever meet. Why would this person dare to let that opportunity go by, then?

This song is mostly about one person's fear being greater than another. It's kind of desperate, beyond the point of convincing--and I like to think that, in an optimistic way, it's because they don't need convincing. Yes, it's an unfortunate situation, but there's hope.

Julia Michaels – Issues Lyrics 1 year ago
This song is not hard to understand but it is still worth commenting on because it is great. Why do I like it if it is so simple? Well, sometimes you need to state something without pretensions to feel how beautiful it is.

The speaker of the song is a strong-willed woman. She is not petty but emotional and that is a beautiful personality trait. However, sometimes her emotions get the best of her. It does not implicitly state that she has a mental illness, but she is always either extremely happy or sad.

What I like about this song is that the girl definitely depends on him but she would leave him if he treated her badly (or judged her). This sends a great example for people pursuing romance. Unlike songs similar to "High All the Time," this sends a message that it is okay to be dependent on someone if they accept you and you love them for who they are. This is why this song is so beautiful.

The second verse is about the boy's problems. A lot of men get angry, so it is unclear whether this is a problem or not. However, the message right after about breaking things is fixing them. He goes through changes as a person and sometimes gets angry in certain situations but always falls in love with life again.

I love the positive message this song sends to people. We need more songs that do not romanticize relationships but also do not put out negative perspectives to people who are in bad ones. The ironic part of this song is that the two lovers do not seem to have terrible problems because the speaker remains optimistic about their attitudes towards one another. As a literary technique, they get through conflict. As a personal trope, they overcome the external hardships of life. I intend to have something like this someday.

Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 1 year ago
Edit: "*...someone who has taken something from or involving the person they have feelings for."

The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Lyrics 1 year ago
This song is extremely frustrated.

What I mean by this is that is it essentially about being led on--yes, perhaps John intended it to take on a more sexual aspect, but either way it is true. The first sentence implies how they had interest in each other, but his was definitely more. She revealed a lot to him, including Norwegian wood. Norwegian wood is cheap wood, so right from the get-go it is revealed that whatever she felt for him was weaker than he presumed.

She had some interest in getting to know him, but it was not as much as he thought. However, he waited because she did offer him niceties. It's almost funny how relevant John was to the modern world and how people often stay up late talking and then simply go to bed like it was not a big deal.

The girl had other obligations the next day and thought it was all good fun that they had been talking. But the speaker was still willing to wait up for her and sacrifice his own priorities. He does not make a move on her (sexual or otherwise) because she has just wrecked their late-night conversation by saying how she has "work" the next day.

When he woke up the next morning, she had moved on. The bird had flown and the speaker realizes he's too late (I say speaker out of respect but I have a feeling John was writing about himself). He's angry and lights a fire symbolically to the weak wood.

It astounds me how much pain and literary technique John uses in every song he writes. I feel like he understands me and my own similar experiences and it means the world to me. I wish we could have known each other because I feel like I could have understood him as well.

Lord Huron – The Night We Met Lyrics 1 year ago
This song is about having underlying problems while you are falling in love. Doesn't sound too healthy, does it?

A traveler who has not repaid his debts is someone who has taken something they involving the person they love. Perhaps they led them on or had other issues going on in their life. The speaker is implying that the person opposite them has as well. The song is coming from after this has happened--they're looking for their muse and this is why they want to go back to the "night they met," or at least the night before all of this happened.

The "not to ride along with you" goes back to the traveling or exposition of the song. This part resonates with me personally because I literally got a ride from this person, ironically. The speaker regrets what happened on this night because they did not want to fall for this person. They lost them, for whatever reason (perhaps they were going through their own problems), and they cannot forget them.

That night was full of "terrors" because of impending romance--it can be dangerous. Life is already terrifying and depressing enough without romance involved. We all have our inner demons.

Overall, the speaker does not know how to get over them and the only way to resolve the situation would be to never talk to them the night they met. This is because they have fallen very deeply. It's hard to believe that this song was not written specifically for the Netflix series because it fits perfectly with the flashback and what Clay was feeling. I'm also surprised this song was not written for my life because, wow the relevancy.

The Lemon Twigs – As Long As We're Together Lyrics 1 year ago
This is just teenage love. There is this couple that doesn't talk much but definitely likes each other, even if they are in a relationship. The other person is coming to terms with themselves in a certain way that somehow might affect the relationship. The speaker of the song doesn't really care because it doesn't really matter.

Mike Posner – I Took a Pill in Ibiza Lyrics 2 years ago
No, not Avicii!

Peer pressure is real. When someone says it, you might think of health class back in the awkward days, but it's so much more than that. The first verse is about a drug experience. The speaker took drugs because of the lifestyle he was looking up to LA. This can happen anywhere on any type of scale. You can't help that you're going to follow someone so when you do, follow someone who has the right values. These people taught the speaker that when you have a million dollars, the best thing to spend it on is prostitutes and footwear.

The speaker then moves on to tell listeners to refrain from being high--like him. That's the catch because the speaker believes that is what will inevitably happen after the big rush. He never knew why in the depths of himself of why he did it. Once you get off the big rush, the speaker finds out that everyone he lived this lifestyle with didn't really care about who he was when it came down to it. He doesn't want to even be famous! That's how much this affected him. Who wouldn't want to be famous?

Although a lot of singers "blow their shot," the singer has in particular gone too far. WhAT iS tHE pOp sONg?! Someone tell me. Any real relationship he has is impossible to keep because he was taught through the Hollywood lifestyle of casting people away, so when he actually has the opportunity to be vulnerable, he can't.

The speaker went back to his roots. He didn't bring his artistry and talent but his fame label and his skill. Any real friends he used to have are gone (this is often the price of being famous because people can get jealous or not trust someone who may have changed). However, everything looks better than he remembered it because he romanticized it after Hollywood chewed him up and spit him out. The people there have also romanticized him because of the local history he had from "Cooler Than Me."

The next line is possibly the best verse in the song because he encounters people who were once him and so many in this process. People want to know what it is like to be famous because they never see the other side. This is the other side's REAL experience.

I'm sure there are good parts and bad parts of being famous. Which part is the majority is the determining factor. You can't let one person's experience make you want to be famous and another's not. You have to make those decisions for yourself. But you also need to know that there are certain guaranteed things that come with it, especially for musicians.

The third verse is the best in the song and of course it was taken out. What else does that tell you about Hollywood?

Bob Dylan – Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Lyrics 2 years ago
The entire song is a bit satirical. There are phrases throughout that describe that the romantic interest doesn't care about the speaker: "The light I never knowed," "I wish there was somethin' you would do or say," "We never did too much talkin' anyway," "Like you never done before," "I give her my heart but she wanted my soul," and "You just kinda wasted my precious time."

She didn't care, but that doesn't mean she was a terrible person. We've all been in relationships like this (any kind of relationship) and it sucks because they often cause the most sadness since you can't pick out a specific something they did wrong. Like oh, they cheated and they're a terrible person. They just didn't really care. How are you supposed to explain that to anyone?

So the speaker has decided to leave for whatever reason. They're giving her the justification of not thinking twice about it. God, that's so sad.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love Lyrics 2 years ago
Come on skinny love just last the year
Pour a little salt we were never here
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer

Get out your dictionaries (or phones). Veneer is a thin layer of varnish one puts over something. If you know what the words mean, the song is a lot simpler. This song is about a person who is fake and a love that is fake for whatever reason; need there be a reason? The love is so superficial that doesn't even leave a mark. Somehow the love is unraveled and the speaker stares at it. It's brilliant personification.

I tell my love to wreck it all
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Right in the moment this order's tall

The speaker just wants to end all connections to this parasitic relationship. At the moment, it seems like a big deal because this love is built up inside their mind.

And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind
And in the morning I'll be with you
But it will be a different kind
And I'll be holding all the tickets
And you'll be owning all the fines

The speaker has changed their tune; once before they supported this person but now they have decided (in the morning, meaning they'll come back to life) that they're not going to be this way anymore. This person will pay for that because they aren't going to be getting fake support anymore.

Come on skinny love, what happened here?
Suckle on the hope in light brassieres
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Sullen load is full, so slow on the split

A brassiere is the long word for "bra." A light bra doesn't support much, does it? Neither does skinny love.

And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind
And now all your love is wasted
And then who the hell was I?
And I'm breaking at the britches
And at the end of all your lines

The speaker wasted their time on this person, even if it was terrible love. They don't know who they are identity-wise anymore. Britches are the elastic part of undergarments, so they're breaking because the dressed words their love told them were fake and therefore fragile.

Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind?

Who actually cares about you? This song doesn't have to be romantic. It's just about people who really don't care and false relationships built. I'm sure everyone has had tons, whether you've participated or not. This song is beautiful but people would be able to relate to it a lot more if they didn't look into it so much.

Lukas Graham – 7 Years Lyrics 2 years ago
Once I was seven years old my momma told me
Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely
Once I was seven years old

When the speaker turned seven, he was already obligated to do things so that he would live a "happy" and "full" life by society's standards.

It was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger
Pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker
By eleven smoking herb and drinking burning liquor
Never rich so we were out to make that steady figure

When we're young, we're often under the delusion that although we are one in 7 billion (coincidence?), we are special children. This is especially true in today's world where children are growing up faster, literally and figuratively. The speaker is of the working class, so being young and naive, he figured that he would catch a big break from working hard.

I always had that dream like my daddy before me
So I started writing songs, I started writing stories
Something about that glory just always seemed to bore me
'Cause only those I really love will ever really know me

He takes after his father who was obviously a creative person. He loved the creative process but the fame that goes with it was not something that captivated him because he did not feel like strangers would ever love him truly. This is such a deep and mature realization for someone of a young age to make.

Once I was twenty years old, my story got told
Before the morning sun, when life was lonely
Once I was twenty years old

He began to follow his dreams when he was a young adult, when it was unsure how it was going to turn out.

I only see my goals, I don't believe in failure
'Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major
I got my boys with me at least those in favor
And if we don't meet before I leave, I hope I'll see you later

This is the mentality of someone who is confident in this abilities. The smallest comments or people can determine what one will decide to do in life and how it will affect them--which can be a good or bad thing, depending on their motives. The speaker has supportive friends around him who support him. If they don't see him before he leaves the past of being ordinary forever, he hopes that he will remain the same person at heart and will keep the relationships.

Once I was twenty years old, my story got told
I was writing about everything, I saw before me
Once I was twenty years old
Soon we'll be thirty years old, our songs have been sold
We've traveled around the world and we're still roaming
Soon we'll be thirty years old

He started seeing results and got a lot of inspiration from them. Now he is talking to his band. It is unsure what his thoughts of being 30 are but it seems to me that its a restless life. By the time you're thirty, you probably want to stop "roaming" and settle down.

I'm still learning about life
My woman brought children for me
So I can sing them all my songs
And I can tell them stories
Most of my boys are with me
Some are still out seeking glory
And some I had to leave behind
My brother I'm still sorry

The speaker's songs are his essence because he wants to pass his own self down to his children. Some of his band members are with him in success but other people he cared about (perhaps members who aren't in the band anymore) are still living life in the working class. He feels bad about this (but survival of the fittest, you know).

Soon I'll be sixty years old, my daddy got sixty-one
Remember life and then your life becomes a better one
I made a man so happy when I wrote a letter once
I hope my children come and visit, once or twice a month

The speaker's father died young, which is an important aspect of the song. If you remember to live life like you are going to die tomorrow, you will live it to the fullest and be happier. Sometimes people are so depressed that you can do little things to make them happy and understood. Because of this, his children visiting a few times a month would make him incredibly happy.

Soon I'll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me
Soon I'll be sixty years old
Soon I'll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me
Soon I'll be sixty years old

The singer's voice jumps up during this verse because well, who ever wants to face the unknowns at all, let alone old age? He wonders if the lack of youth will turn him bitter and if his children will be enough for him. This is bold because it's basically saying that his children won't make him as happy as he was when he was famous/young.

Once I was seven years old, momma told me
Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely
Once I was seven years old

Once I was seven years old

The key of the last sentence versus the first is the different definition of "once." Once can mean literally the opposite of the same word. Meaning, WHEN he turned seven in the present moment and then ONCE in the PAST he was seven. This is a beautiful play on words to show how life passes by. It's poetry.

I really love this song. It's the best on the Top 40 but I guess today that is nothing to be excited about.

Billy Joel – Piano Man Lyrics 2 years ago
I'm sure this song can be taken literally and figuratively. A lot of middle-aged men are looking back on their romanticized memories/dreams they've given up on and are romanticizing this piano man. They are depressed and numbing themselves in alcohol and nostalgia. A lot of people are talented and have promise and they compare him to themselves; whether his talent was really good or not is irrelevant. He is more of a symbol of their own promise in what they have lost.

It's one of my favorite songs of all time; quite depressing/triggering for all those who can relate, if you ask me. If you cry in the car to a song, it's probably great, anyway. It can correlate to more than just what's written.

Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 2 years ago
It took until performing this song last night to develop a likeness for it and an understanding from my experiences.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning, I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

The beginning of this song reminds me of the Beatles' "Help!" because it's talking about the past as if things are not the same. The speaker used to have an ability that gave them many opportunities and perhaps even a sense of "power" hypothetically. Between then and now, something has happened where they are now under the power because someone is controlling them and they must cater.

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

The speaker made his own fate and beat the adversaries. Supporters of this person used to look up to them and stand by their side. Not necessarily because they saved them from someone evil but brought something good to their lives.

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

They used to be able to do anything or get anywhere from their talent and connection. But then, someone wasn't routing for them. Their talent meant nothing because it was dependent on others' support--others who did not support them.

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
Once you'd gone there was never, never an honest word
That was when I ruled the world

Powerful imagery--literally. They want the support from people who will fight for them even when things are not happy and good. Once everyone was not fighting for them and others were against them, it was all false because they were wrong.

It was a wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn't believe what I'd become

In the end, the truth will out. The people who were ignorant to their abilities were shocked at how they had changed and evolved from this injustice and still managed to give it to them.

Revolutionaries wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?

The people or person in power still wants them to be controlled so they cannot be an individual. They wonder why anyone would want to be in power because it takes so much effort to control and to be evil and quell everyone's passions.

At the end, this person still wants their "power" back. This leads me to believe there are negative and positive connotations of power. The speaker has used it for good--and yet, I believe that they are singing about how they don't want to control, but they did regain their true power.

Looks like Coldplay needs another verse.

Bob Seger – Against the Wind Lyrics 2 years ago
I used the word "that" a lot. I wonder if anyone will count how many times....

Bob Seger – Against the Wind Lyrics 2 years ago
I've been experiencing the theme of this song currently.

It starts out like the song "Yesterday," so you know that this song is about the past. It's about better days and someone or a feeling going away. Anyone can see there is a sense of bittersweet nostalgia by listening to that jazzy piano and picturing the vast imagery in these poetic lyrics.

When you're in a transitional phase in your life, you can form very close relationships that seem immovable. It's not the "sharing of secrets" that makes these relationships so tight--it's what you go through together. It's your lofty opinions and hope while cursing the unfairness in the world that defines youth. The song's mood suddenly changes as the speaker wishes that he was still ignorant today. That's a big statement, because something stunning must have happened for someone to wish they were ignorant.

The speaker finds that life goes on. The people who he thought were immovable friends separated from him. In youth, we often have to make our own decisions, which makes us become adults--and they're often at the detriment to doing what is expected. It can make people hate you or estrange you without it even being either's fault. He wants to find this happiness again but can't, no matter how many shows he plays (hypothetically).

The most important statement that reinforces the metaphor of this song is "older now but still runnin' against the wind." It means that he's still going against an unfair world that doesn't value his contribution. What has changed is that he is older and understands more. You might think that he's hit a dead end and that he regrets his decision. But it's really up to you. I don't think the speaker's story has ended. He's still searching, but at least he knows that he's against the wind and not just going along with it.

If you have an important decision to make, or think the world is against you, it can be very trying. I'm still going through the consequences of making an unpopular decision that will benefit my future more than my popularity. My advice to anyone who feels the conflict in this song is to go against the wind. It might be a long and sad journey, but at least you'll never regret doing what you know was right for you. Everyone owes that to themselves. :)

Dexys Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is about one thing meaning another. When the Beatles (or Johnny Ray, or anyone) comes on the radio and sings something that moves a lot of women, it's regarded as a big cultural movement. And it is. When we're young and hear these songs, we don't care about the underlying meaning. It's just great music.

Continuing with the example of the Beatles, their song "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is sweet, but one we grow up, we realize they really don't want to hold our hand. "Come On Eileen"'s speaker has a slight nostalgic feeling because there's a double standard meaning with it. We all come to this realization, which makes it one of my favorite songs. It also has a great modulation, tempo, singer, and accompaniment.

John Lennon – Imagine Lyrics 2 years ago
This song was scary when I was younger and I heard it for the first time. Society has pressed on abstract securities that are often even more terrifying than the idea of no heaven, possessions, countries, religion, etc. There are others who think this is a song about socialism or an atheist's anthem. I can't vouch for John/the speaker, but I can speak for the lyrics, which are clean-cut and geared towards all humanity from all humans.

Heaven and hell aren't to be taken literally--they are supposed to be good and bad constants (he wouldn't repeat himself in another verse). If we stopped searching for deep meanings through extremities, we could be consistently and truly happy in each waking moment.

The hardest to imagine (ironically) is not having countries because of the many political arguments and nationalism for cultures. If it wasn't for these differences, we could still have "countries" but without the arguments pertaining to them. Religion follows closely behind because of the many wars fought for beliefs or defending them. Having no religion doesn't mean that the speaker is defending atheism because that would be contradictory since a lack of belief is still a belief. The speaker is referring to the hypocrisy of some worships. It is impossible to say whether spirituality would be preferred--this phrase just does a wonderful job of standing for itself.

The speaker then refers to the fact although he might be in the minority and judged for this fanciful thinking, there are others who want this for the world. It would thus make sense that their are multiple speakers narrating this song. (I will now refer to this as plural.)

Just because we are imagining no possessions, does not mean the speakers are dreaming of a socialistic society. Imagine a life today without cell phones. Some might be upset, but if you think on it, we would be a lot friendlier with others and have a more open world. There would be no need for the "hunger" of wanting more and more, just free to be without the need to feed ourselves with connections to stay on top of events. We would be sharing the world--but just because no one would have traditional belongings does not mean there are some who are better off than others. The song does not comment at all about this because it is a song for all people.

This is my favorite song of all time. It is "disguised" to be simple. Each stanza is poetry with a verb, a statement addressed to the reader, what the dream is, and what the reality could be. It is slightly dissonant and can be played with a simple piano or guitar accompaniment. Anyone can hum or play it at any time. It is haunting and beautiful in the same moment. It is the purest form of art ever created.

I might be opinionated. :P

X Ambassadors – Renegades Lyrics 2 years ago
The song starts with a command. The speaker is recruiting a fellow person who is like themselves--who doesn't fit the mold of society, likely--to reject their inhibitions and be strong together. "Reverie" is actually "in revelry," which means to become intoxicated. This could be literal. However, I like to think that because these are deep lyrics, it means that their souls are happy because they are doing what they've wanted. The speaker wants to be himself, thus the comparison to children. This is not to be confused with individualism or rebellion.

A renegade is someone who has broken the mold from society and groups. This song is basically an anti-fascist or anti-socialist anthem. We are expected to have certain personalities or tastes or we are judged. The speaker does want to be an individual, but instead of supporting individualism, they appear to be supporting everyone being their own individual--together. This is why the song is a plural.

The speaker then gives examples and builds up the people who want to be themselves. It's obvious that the most successful people in the world are underdogs that have done the right thing and then become true to themselves, and end up making a change. The "new kids" is anyone who has taken to this new perspective and goes the extra mile quickly. Outlaws aren't to be confused with doing things just because you can, but a renegade (or fugitive) who has risen up against the adversaries. I don't like the use of outlaw because the song seems to be less about revolution and more about breaking out.

After giving real examples to support his facts, the speaker is telling us that it is time for us to do what he has promised to do. It is time to fix the mold society has put us into by leading through example. It's time to break the rules--but not the ones you're thinking.

This song is beautiful because it develops an essential point in today's world without making it seem like rebellion by inserting violence, intoxication, or perverse love like many other songs. It also has awesome acoustics. :) Is that a drum making that wind/thunder noise?

Bon Jovi – Bed Of Roses Lyrics 2 years ago
The song starts with the speaker trying to find some inspiration. He's so far gone that he can't capture the music. He has tried many different tactics to give him some sustenance in life, but they just end up becoming baggage and don't serve as music (music as a metaphor, and music as literally). He's concerned that he won't be remembered the way he wants to be because he can't write from the heart. It's a performer's nightmare.

In the next stanza, he explains that when he goes through life, he puts on a protective shield. This is the only way he can enjoy, love, or get through it. His head tells him how to act and when to do things, like something rhythmic or recited. He sings (or talks) with music about wanting these things to be different--about love, truth, and what music means to him. (Yes, this is a love song about music.) All he needs is music because it is the only thing he can be truly himself with, even as he struggles to write about something real.

He wants to dedicate a song to something happy. A bed of roses is an idiom about living a peaceful life. Despite the fact that he is struggling thought life on a bed of nails, his music is the happiest aspect where he is concerned. He wants to be as close to music as inspiration (the Holy Ghost). He literally wants to inspire music.

He then goes on to say that he's so far away from peacefulness/inspiration that every time he writes a song, he knows that it can't be more of a lie. Everything he had done was to get closer to this feeling, despite the fact that it led him farther away. Despite all the time he has spent, there is never enough to do music properly, or he still can't get through to the feeling. Then, the bird (or inspiration--Holy Dove) comes on a whim, making music and inspiration one again. This feeling of awe or love is true again, he realizes--music is great.

In the next verse, he realizes that he can't hide from who he is any longer. The blond girl (perhaps revealed to be the bartender), is a fake. His life has been built on lies, and he realizes that this is why he had a struggle with his art after inspiration ran dry. The lies are still tempting but he mocks them because life is short and there's no time left for them.

When inspiration leaves him, he's be thinking about it and his music. Lies and fame will take over his attention again while he goes back and forth between performing and writing. He will be around fans, but he'll be lonely without inspiration or feeling when he plays his music. He has learned that he no longer has to prove himself to them and can just enjoy what he is playing. Now, he'd die to defend his music because it is true.

All in all, this is a great song from what I believe to be about the struggle between inspiration, loving music, writing, and buying into the lies that make money. Bon's vocals are heaven and I applaud him for having such a glorious combination of melody, lyrics, and voice.

Adele – Hello Lyrics 2 years ago
@[83dirtdevil83:6828] Exactly. :)

Adele – Hello Lyrics 2 years ago
Although "Hello" has similar aspects of "Someone Like You," it has a different take on the past--a matured view.

This is about a lack of communication between two people. They're on different wavelengths. When the speaker has swallowed their pride enough to apologize, the other person has accepted the ending of their relationship.

They seem to share a common denominator, however, involving the progression of their lives. They had such positive feelings about life and their relationship (or friendship?), before the world interfered and gave them a wake-up call. Although she has made it far in life ("away from that town where nothing ever happened"), she still feels like she is behind and outside this person (or what they've reached). They're both "running out of time" of being in-sync with life and other people so that all of their relationships don't fail. Adele truly is outside--with her successful career, family, her old life--everything--that is, if she is the speaker.

With an incredible range and a real instrumental accompaniment, Adele might convince me to listen to a radio station that just plays music from the last 20 years. She truly is a blessing to the music industry.

Journey – Faithfully Lyrics 2 years ago
It's clear what this song means, but there are many honorable mentions that make it so heartrending. There are many literary aspects to it--the imagery, for one. And of course, the gorgeous combination of piano, guitar, and the beautiful melody of Perry's tenor.

This song is a beautiful example of someone choosing their career over being completely happy. His lover is actually the one who has the faith because she depends on him returning. He is faithful towards her. More songs need to involve real-life problems of people making the tougher decisions that don't always involve romantic love.

DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. Major Lazer) Lyrics 2 years ago
The chorus of this song contains two conflicting messages. You can either give love or hate--either way, the two share a common ground because you have to make a decision in life.

Do you recall, not long ago
We would walk on the sidewalk
Innocent, remember?
All we did was care for each other

When you "walk on the sidewalk," you're steering clear of danger and risks. These two people were innocent in a small world. They did not think of anyone but each other--perhaps even carefree and not having to deal with the problems of the real world.

But the night was warm
We were bold and young
All around the wind blows
We would only hold on to let go

Because they were young, they were eventually able to expand their horizons. They did not have a choice in stepping from the sidewalk--the wind/fate took them to new experiences. But they held on to the past and their securities despite the fact reality was the reality.

Blow a kiss, fire a gun
We need someone to lean on
Blow a kiss, fire a gun
All we need is somebody to lean on

Whether a person gives love or hate, they need a following or a passion.To make a positive or negative difference requires someone to do this. It doesn't depend on which you choose--either way you are still dependent on it. This "choice" (or path you are thrown on) dictates what will happen in the rest of your life.

What will we do when we get old?
Will we walk down the same road?
Will you be there by my side?
Standing strong as the waves roll over

The speaker is beginning to have insecurities about the future. They are no longer on the sidelines. They must decide which path or following to choose in life, and this can conflict with a lot of others. Will they be able to lean on this decision? Is this something they can follow through on?

When the nights are long
Longing for you to come home
All around the wind blows
We would only hold on to let go

This person is older--the nights used to be warm and full of promise; now they are long. The decision is is no longer that. The person has received their fate but still wants the other to return to them. Their path in life no longer takes precedence over what they want.

Musically, this song's strongest points is in its lyrics. It is poetry. The melody is decent--a bit disjointed in parts but mostly nice. I'm not one for electronic music, but this song has deeper meaning than most of the current pop, so I have to say I like it.

Toto – Africa Lyrics 2 years ago
This song has been a intrinsic part of my friends' and my own music repertoire. We've even raved to it. We're supposed to be too young to like/appreciate this song.

I've been told that this song is about a man torn between his love for a woman and his home country. It could be a lot deeper than that, but this is the interpretation I like to think of. It reminds me of my own life. We are all called back to our roots at some point, whether they are ancestral, instinctual, careers, or a person or situation that has a nostalgic value.

The reality of the situation is, the love you have for a person could interfere with other plans. It doesn't mean you love them less if you have to choose something else first. It means that your choice is important. Whatever road he chooses (I like to think he chooses Africa), it will still be a new experience for him because he did not have to fight for his choice before.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car Lyrics 2 years ago
This song is so meaningful because most people can relate to it literally. It's an amazing feeling to be in a fast car at nighttime with people you share a common dream, love, or goal with.

There are three major stages in this person's life that they are going through. In the first stage, they are likely young because they are starting a new experience of working and suddenly feel like they can do anything.

The first instance of denial is when the speaker makes reference that their mother went off in a fast car but they stayed home to care for their father. This is the reality and the part of life you forget on those lovely car rides. It's what they come home to.

In the middle of the song, their job is nothing special--but they still have hope that they will achieve their dream of whatever it happens to be.

By the end, they are done. Their dream is so warped that there is barely hope left, but enough so that they are still questioning living their life in the between. Who does "you" refer to? Why did Tracey choose for a woman as his persona?

There is an important message conveyed in this song: Just because you have a physical "way out," doesn't mean it is easy to separate dreams from reality.

Lilly Wood & The Prick – Prayer in C Lyrics 3 years ago
To me, this song is about death. It's also about God, of course, because the subjects are often interchangeable. Watch the music video--the people are wearing Spanish face paintings for the Day of the Dead while they are acting alive. Contradiction? This song is fascinating.

In this song, the narrator seems to be addressing God. They're saying, "God, death never gave me a warning that it was coming." They aren't forgiving God for this.

Our world is slowly dying: Have you ever heard of the living death? That's how people are acting. The narrator isn't wasting any more time in their life because they understand how quickly death comes. The narrator does not believe what God says about an afterlife.

Aging: It's not much better than death, apparently. They don't forgive God for this, either.

Life cut short: People die from natural disasters or other internal problems.

When men will be no more: Even if humans evolve into something else, everything dies eventually. The sea will cover the land, and eventually even this will pass away. The narrator views God as committing murder when people or nature dies. They do not view death as change; they view it as the end. In some religions, committing murder is a mortal sin<--mortal means you will die. The narrator views God as being mortal, because if everything dies, God will be the only thing left and unable to forgive Himself because everything that happened came down to him. It's confusing, but there it is.

This song is more complicated than it seems. A lot of people struggle with life and death, and the meaning of it all. Whatever view you hold, it is understandable because we can all agree that life is never easy.

Glen Weston – What is a Youth Lyrics 4 years ago
First stanza: Youth may only be defined by desire--not beauty nor age. The world transitions to the newest youth.

Second stanza: Everything beautiful will fade.

Third stanza: Love favors someone when things go "right." Some people are serious about it; others are just teases. Warding off love is a stupid idea because it rules everyone. Someone hears ironic metaphors, but they have truth inside them. Death is inevitable like falling in love. (The line "Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall" is an interesting simile because love is sweeter than the best thing on earth, but on the other spectrum it is not worse than the worst thing.) Love is the best feeling ever--sadness/hate, however, is not the worst feeling because they are not so different. Though youth grow old and succeeding generations may find new inventions exciting, love still wins out.

A Great Big World – Say Something Lyrics 4 years ago
Say Something is one of those songs that can be about anything or anyone, and yet it is personal to anyone who listens. For me, it is a dialogue between two individuals who are both relying on the other to say/do something to make it all worth it, for they are not strong enough themselves.

Say something, I'm giving up on you: This is a contradiction. The person will always be prepared for the other to say something, except their logic knows they will not.
I'll be the one: They feel as if they are talking to nothing, but they are still granting themselves permission to give up.
Anywhere: They will go to the ends of the earth for them--they will even give up if that person wants them to.
Am feeling so small: All the passing glances, smiles, and politeness was misinterpreted as something grand when it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Over my head: Their head was in the clouds as they dreamed of love that could never happen.
Nothing at all: They thought it was meant-to-be, but now they question everything.
Will stumble: Conversely, they will come to terms with gravity, or the reality of the situation.
Still learning: They know they have their whole life to find another person, but they feel as if they are losing the only one meant for them.
Starting to crawl: But just like gravity/reality does not care, they go on not saying anything--they are not strong enough after all they have been through already.
Swallow my pride: They will swallow their words--the remaining pride they have.
You're the one: The fact they are not saying anything makes them think it is not true love--but because their love surpasses words they realize it is, even when they let them walk away.

I know you reciprocate these feelings of despair, but our love is too star-crossed and fate too crooked to change. I am sorry I could not get to you. Please get to me, even if the only way is through this song.

*This may not be related to the true meaning of the song at all, but this is what Say Something means to me.

* This information can be up to 15 minutes delayed.
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