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Blink-182 – After Midnight Lyrics 5 years ago
For the first time Im really listening to the lyrics of the song and reading them and Im completely astounded at how deep this song really is. I made an account just to comment on it.
Being an avid and hard core Blink 182 fan since i was 13, i'm currently 20 and i've stayed true to them through all the ups and downs.
Listening to this song at 3 am with the lyrics brought tears to my eyes.

"I can't get my feet up off the edge
I kinda like the little rush you get
When you're standing close to death
Like when you're driving me crazy"
- talks about maybe getting into a really heated argument with the band, one of them (tom I'm guessing) gets so mad he can't avoid the blow out that they're bound to have. The death reference is the break up the band had and how they were standing so close to it. At the end it says, "like when you're driving me crazy" I'm guessing he was talking about mark.
"Hold on as we crash into the earth
A bit of pain will help us suffer when you're hurt
For real 'cause you were driving me crazy"
- This is about the fall out they had, they had to brace themselves for what just happened and deal with the fact that they broke up. This may also touch loosely when travis's plane "crashed into earth". The pain they all had because of breaking up only made them stronger. Tom reinstates (mark again most likely) was really driving him crazy. I take this almost as a joke, like a brother, you love them but they really know how to bug the shit out of you haha.
"Bite your lips, your word's a robbery
Do you grin inside, you're killing me
All along we talked of forever
I kinda think that we won't get better
It's the longest start, but the end is not too far away
Did you know, I'm here to stay"
- pretty much shut up we don't mean all we said during our fights. and I'm guessing it got to the point that they we're arguing so much they thought they were doing it just out of spite to see them upset, really shows how it was all killing them. They all talked about blink forever, and the hopelessness they felt when they could see nothing changing. Longest start refers to them starting again and how they have to take advantage of the time they have left together as they are getting older. the last line really touches me, "Did you know, I'm here to stay", almost like a promise, no matter what, what fight all the BS, plan crashes, they're there for each other.
"We'll stagger home after midnight
Sleep arm-in-arm in the stairwell
We'll fall apart on the weekend
These nights go on and on and on"
- They'll all still get drunk together and have a good time just like 15 years ago and all the crazy stuff they did back then, no matter what they'll still have each other. And the countless more amazing moments they'll have in the future "these nights go on and on and on".
"I can't keep your voice out of my head
All I can hear are the many echoes of
The darkest words you said
And it's driving me crazy"
- after their break up all the arguments still haunt them and all the messed up things they said to each other and how they can't stop thinking about them.
"I can't find the best in ALL OF THIS
But I'm ALWAYS looking out for you
'Cause you're the one I MISS
And it's driving me crazy"
- The absolutely most touching verse, just the words in itself make me tear up BUT the fact that they added they're past songs into the verse really hits home. He couldn't find the best in ALL OF THIS ( All The Small Things, the song) the fact that they broke up and couldn't see the best things they had together anymore and how it kind of tainted the songs and maybe the band in itself. But he's ALWAYS(Always the song) looking out for them, like true friends no matter what they'll always care about each other. "You're the one I MISS (I Miss You, the song)", he really missed them at the end of the day they're all pretty much family. Break up or no break up, they still care endlessly about each other.

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