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Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell Lyrics 4 years ago
MANY holes?! "Funeral chapel" is a common expression, and in any case the song is all based on double entendres... even if you are right, dear Lollipop, what I said is exactly that the song in ambiguous and thus you can have a funeral in a chapel... As regards the second objection, I do not see the point... Hugs, my friend!

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell Lyrics 5 years ago
I'm so glad to hear this, Maxl! When I told my friends my explanation of the song, some thought I was a fool… I hope our interpretation will do justice to Chuck's genius!

All the best, my friend!

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell Lyrics 5 years ago
I think that none has so far realized that the song is actually about a DEAD COUPLE!!! This can be argued by the sharp contrast between the verbs in the simple past (was... wished... could... fournished... and so on) and the present of the lines

And NOW the young monsieur and madame HAVE RUNG the chapel bell,
"C'est la vie", SAY the old folks, it GOES to show you never can tell.

So, the chapel bell is not ringing on their marriage (it would be "and THEN the young Monsieur and Madame RUNG the hapel bell" or the similar) but on their funeral!!! It is way the old folks NOW say "C'est la vie!", now when something bad is happened, because, do not forget!, the expression "C'est la vie" always expresses complaint about something bad but unvoidable.

Guys, that's Chuck Berry, that's Rock'n'Roll!! Irony and double sense are always there! A banal love song about a couple wiho has an happy life is out of place here!

Even more tragical here is that the youg couple dies on their anniversary, while driving back with a brand new car to the place where they got married, a year after... Call no man happy 'till he dies!

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