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Devendra Banhart – Rats Lyrics 4 years ago
been listening purely to this song repeatedly for like three days

Bright Eyes – Approximate Sunlight Lyrics 4 years ago
I wouldn't waste another thought
On what is fair and what is not
The Quinceañera dress she bought
Was unstitched with bullets

All the guests in the garden screamed
Women and tires squealing
Such opulence, such misery
Unwinding, unwinding

This has probably been mentioned but for me this is about a drug related drive by shooting in Mexico. A 15 year old girl is shot to death at her Quinceanera. Such opulence = money made from drugs, such misery = related to the shooting. This stuff happens all the time = i wouldn't waste another thought on what is fair and what it not. the unfair nature of life.

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God's Shoeshine Lyrics 4 years ago
I feel the same.

PJ Harvey – The Devil Lyrics 5 years ago
This song is based on a paragraph from Leo Tolstoy'd short story called "The Devil" which is about a married man who becomes infatuated with a peasant.

The paragraph states: "what had formerly cheers him and seemed important now seemed insignificant. Unconsciously he had tried to free himself from business. it seemed to him that he had to do so in order to think and plan. And he freed himself and remained alone. But as soon as he was alone he began to wonder about the in the garden and in the forest. And all those spots were besmirched in his recollection by the memories that gripped him. he felt that he was walking in the garden and pretending to himself that he was thinking about something but really he was not thinking about anything, but insanely and unreasonably expecting her; expecting that by some miracle she would be aware that he was expecting her, and would come here at once... or would come at night when there would be no moon."
I just stumbled upon this while reading and it reminded me of the song. I'm so excited about this. I love PJ and Tolstoy. I don't think this song is meant to reflect exactly what the book meant. But it is a wonderful tool she has used to evoke an emotion we all so universally experience.

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