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Tame Impala – Reality in Motion Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm shocked that no one's posted anything here yet! This is a freaking great song!

I never really questioned what this song was about. "Reality in Motion." Sounds like someone got too high and they can't deal with some normal situation, right? Well, it's very possible that this was inspired, but mostly I think it's about hitting on girls. And boy, is that relatable

A story:

Today I was tabling for a club I'm in on the main avenue that runs through my college. It's early, I'm groggy, [It's way too real, I'm way too sober] and my shift is two hours, so I settle in as best I can and play some music. I begin to yell at passersby, advertising my club, but no luck. As yet another disinterested, pre-Haas jocktard walks by, [Trying to be patient but I'm feeling ancient] I spot a girl manning the booth directly across the way. [It made my heart run in circles and overflow] She was absolutely gorgeous, well in my opinion at least. She wore her hair in a cute side braid had on a long, bright fuchsia quilt-style scarf that seemed to illuminate her face. Her smile was radiant. [And I was closer than ever to feeling alive] A girl (let's call her Muse girl) I'd been talking to was, coincidentally, at the booth next to hers. Muse girl came over and said hi, though it wasn't particularly sincere and I had a feeling it was mostly to make up for the fact that she'd stood me up last Sunday. [Making such a promise / Only leads to heartache, closer to an earthquake] It left a bitter taste in my mouth. After she left, I caught Scarf girl looking at me out of the corner of my eye. [Not that I was waiting, vision ever fading] At about this time my good buddy Juan comes up to my booth to chat. It turns out he has an hour break before his next class, and so he sits down to give me some company. I acquaint him with the situation. At first, he doesn't think she's cute enough, but I keep pointing out her scarf and how it frames her face perfectly. Still doesn't agree. We hear the belltower toll, letting out a swarm of students, and Juan and I redouble our efforts to advertise. We tag team the crowd, cracking jokes, aggressively flyering, and *actually* convincing a few people to join. When it finally dies down, I make eye contact with the girl. She smiled, just a little, and turned to her friend to say something. "Juan, I'm gonna go hit on that girl," I said. "Okay," he replied. "Do it." And I sat. Shit, man, it's harder than you think. I kept looking over on the down low, trying to be sly, as Juan berated me for my cowardice. [Trying to control the way that I'm facing] She was talking to a few guys about her club [Usually they've got you covered all over] and Juan astutely observed that they'd been there talking way too long. Sure enough, I see both Scarf girl and one of the guys pull out their phones and, presumably, exchange numbers. "Great, I'm not even the first." [Suppose that I didn't care anymore / Fate can decide, I can ignore] Just then, an Asian girl came up to our booth, though she didn't seem particularly interested in our event. She stayed even after taking a flyer, a bit unusual, and so elaborated on our cause and how we were saving babies in Africa (we literally are). She nodded, agreed readily, and immediately put her email down when I asked. When she left, Juan turned to me and matter-of-factly stated "she was all over you." I denied this, but he pointed out her body language, how she asked for my name, etc etc. Suddenly, I was emboldened. [Heading for the deep end] I look at my watch: five minutes til class starts. It's now or never. [Decisions are approaching, reality in motion] The guys around her have left. [There's no one else around you] I stand up and make eye contact with Scarf girl, and she smiles. My heart skips a beat. I'm walking towards her. [I just need to breathe out] It's now or never--

"Hey, I've been over there all day and ... So you're, like, the head honcho then ... Yeah, exactly! And then I said ... I'd love to! ... Sure, so is it ... Well, I've got class ... Oh ... Oh, yeah ...


"Hey, before I leave, can I get your number?"


I wish that happened.
I chickened out.
Everything else is true.

As I walked to class, I thought about whether I'd see her again. I knew I'd missed my chance, either way. Scarf girl will disappear into the legends of my life as yet another time I almost. It makes me a little sad.

Talk about a heartache!

R.E.M. – Orange Crush Lyrics 4 years ago
"Follow me, don't follow me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
Collar me, don't collar me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
We are agents of the free
I've had my fun and now it's time to
Serve your conscience overseas
(Over me, not over me)
Comin' in fast, over me"

Right so this is how the song opens. It's when the soldier is a 18 year old or so in the states. He's just got out of high school and has been enjoying the summer but he gets his draft notice. He's conflicted as to whether he should go or not, (Follow me, don't follow me) but ultimately his patriotic feeling wins over. He wants to be a man and keep his respect by going to war (I've got my spine --> doesn't want to be seen as spineless or weak), but he's still childish at heart (I've got my orange crush --> it's a kid's drink, a soda). He still believes in the benevolent intentions of America in Southeast Asia (We are agents of the free) and he's going to do his patriotic duty overseas. And it all happened so fast; just a month ago he was in school. (Comin' in fast, over me)

"High on the booze
In a tent
Paved with blood
Nine inch howl
Brave the night
Chopper comin' in, you hope"

So this is pretty hard to hear in the song but it's pretty obvious. Vietnam sucks: they drink to keep down the depression from their friends dying, homesickness, doubt in the justification for the war; there's fear everywhere and the VC 'own the night;' the soldiers just want to go home, and pray for a chopper to come and save them from this hell.

So this is where I get annoyed, because all of the lyrics sites that I've gone to say that the rest of the song is just repeating the chorus part. But I think the lyrics should change. Cause this is how I heard them when I first heard the song, and I think it makes more sense this way:

"Follow me, don't follow me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
Collar me, don't collar me
I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush
We are agents BY DECREE
I've had my fun and now it's time to
SELL your conscience overseas
(Over me, not over me)
Comin' in fast, over me"

So now the whole meaning of each of these has been flipped. Now the stress is on "DON'T" follow me and "DON'T" collar me. He's angry at the government for forcing him into this war and doesn't want others to go through what he went through. Now he says "I've got my spine" meaning he's glad that he hasn't been deformed by Agent Orange (tons of people, mostly Vietnamese, got cancer, had horrendous birth defects, etc. Some of those affected were our own soldiers), because he was somehow involved with spreading it (maybe he flew the planes that dropped it or was a foot soldier in areas that had been hit by it) and that it's his "crush" because he hates it. Like he's been told it's for the better by the government, he's been 'made to love it,' (crush) but he sees its evil. And yeah, the soldiers are agents of the government unwillingly, and they are 'agents' just like the herbicide Agent Orange -- they're simply tools of the government. "I've had my fun" is clearly like 'Okay I've seen Nam, I'm done with this sh*!t, get me out' whereas before it meant 'I've had my childhood, my good high school memories, my last normal summer, now I'm ready to become a man.' Then "sell your conscience overseas" is pretty simple, either referencing Monsanto (so evil) or just that soldiers returning from Nam had lost their conscience during the war. And then "Over me, not over me/Comin' in fast, over me" could mean both Agent Orange is being dropped over the soldier or that the chopper is finally "comin' in fast", and he's going home.

But those AREN'T the lyrics. I just misheard them and thought they were the real ones, but according to 2 different lyrics sources he actually does repeat the exact same chorus over again, without "SELL" or "BY DECREE." But I think it works better! And the interpretation still works either way, really.

Daft Punk – Touch (feat. Paul Williams) Lyrics 6 years ago
Wow this song is really amazing, I made an account here just to show my thoughts on this, though I'll probably use it in the future.

I think this song is about a long-forgotten machine that has a dead person's consciousness on it(technological singularity). A human approaches the machine...

"A tourist in a dream
A visitor it seems
A half-forgotten song"

"Where do I belong?"

"How do I begin?"

...and asks it about its human life. In my own mind I imagined a human born in, say, 2100 asking a machine consciousness of someone who lived long before, say someone born in 2013, about life back then. Perhaps the humans from 2100 are devoid of the magic of touch, touching another person isn't a common occurrence. They communicate through screens.(Right now I'm thinking of the humans from Wall-E ;) )

Anyway the human keeps asking questions about "back then", like a young person today might ask their grandmother about the 30's.(Like me) The machine also wants to learn about life currently, and asks his own question, like playing a game with the human. The machine wants its own answers to questions for the human, and in exchange the machine will share some of its wisdom with the human.

"Tell me what you see
I need something more"

The machine, trying to answer the human's questions as best as it can, is suddenly lost in his own long forgotten memories of when it was human. Listen to the music at 3:23 - 4:15. This is just incredible right here, I can PERFECTLY imagine full-on movie scene playing with this music, as a young suitor dances with women at a dance, wooing them with his charm. Then, brought back to reality(at 4:15, the music gets slow and kind-of depressing) with the human's question, "What is the answer[to life]?"(because the machine is so old and wise) The machine thinks for a bit, and then answers:

"If love is the answer you're home"

The human is done with its questions but the machine keeps talking, because its, more than anything, lonely. So very, very lonely in its prison cell of transistors and chips.

"Hold on" [and a bunch more hold on's in the background]

At the end of the song, the machine is in emotional shambles.

Touch, sweet touch
You've given me too much to feel
Sweet touch
You've almost convinced me I'm real
I need something more
I need something more"

Its can't process all the emotion that the machine is feeling, and the machine breaks down into tears, silently, while the humans leaves.
As I said, this song is just brilliant. It's ironic because the song is called Touch, it's listened to with your hearing, but makes you see such a perfectly clear picture in your mind. I think this song can be extended from the story it tells, of the human and the android/machine/thing, to real people in real life who struggle with depression and loneliness. They feel devoid of touch, both literal touching of another person and how they're alone in the world; their soul touches and is touched by no one.

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