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Architects – Dead Man Talking Lyrics 5 years ago
The band on the song's meaning:

“It’s about the ongoing persecution of whistleblowers, people who are heroes in the eyes of the public. Do you think people are really angry with people revealing government secrets and telling the public that we’re being spied on? No, they’re heroes. When Edward Snowden brought it to a wider audience, he was rightly viewed as a hero, but he’s being persecuted for it.”

Architects – Youth is Wasted on the Young (feat. Murray Macleod) Lyrics 5 years ago
Tom: “It’s about that scary feeling when you know you’re not a kid anymore, facing the future, compromising on what you love, social pressure.”

Dan: “Me and Tom started this band when we were 16 and we still get asked ‘When are you going to get a real job?’. It’s about dealing with that all the time.”

Tom: “It’s where the inspiration for the album titles comes from, everyone goes through this, fearing growing old, but at least we’re going through it all together.”

Parkway Drive – Wild Eyes Lyrics 5 years ago
Parkway Drive about the meaning of this song:

"Lyrically, this song is about power and where it is placed. The way the world currently works, decisions for the masses are made by the few, and the futures of the youth are held hostage by the greed of those who have grown into power through selfish means. The systems we champion have become the chains that hold us back. The majority have become the underdogs to the few that hold the keys to true freedom."

NOFX – Insulted By Germans (Again) Lyrics 5 years ago
"Ich kann nicht verstehen, aber...(I don't understand but...) I don't understand. You used to be a good punk rock band. I saw you in 1989 in Karlsruhe, with Bad Religion. You guys were not as good as Bad Religion, but you were pretty good back then. And I have head S&M Airlines. Ja, der record was sehr gut, aber the vocals was sehr bad. (Yeah, the record was very good, but the vocal were very bad). How you say, ich möchte mich entschuldigen und es tut mir Leid, aber ich habe (I'd like to apologize, I'm sorry but I have) seen you at deconstruction with Lagwagon. But you're not as good as Lagwagon."

The Ruts – Staring At The Rude Boys Lyrics 6 years ago
It's about going to a show and watching the scene unfold. The "Rude Boys" were followers of the two-tone Ska movement, and they had a distinctive style of dress, wearing white shirts, black coats and skinny ties, often with a fedora and sunglasses to complete the look. In this song, the Punks and Skinheads watch the Rude Boys until the inevitable fight breaks out.

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