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Blind Guardian – Lost In The Twilight Hall Lyrics 5 years ago
I will openly explain the meaning to this song "Lost In The Twilight Hall", in my own perspective a real life event witch happened to me a few years back, so Powerful, and god was magnificent all my Questions answered...IS there a After life ??? YES...but not as we see friends....Once you are taken see your world ...your home burn to ash's and cinders wide are as all you know is wiped into the void of oblivion witch is as real as the sun shining in your wakening eyes...I am Going to Awaken fully in this life of the next few spite of everything know this....when you know your family is safe on the other side, your memory's are safe in the void space known as The Twilight Hall the area in which all manners of guardians ancients & soul's of lost Hero's and spirit's so grand they can bring your mind's eye to full there will as I ...Leaped to the center of the hall, and out came a Demon so Powerful it shrunk me like a ant tossing me into a spell book of creation I was tossed into page's of Oblivion the book of life...were every Life you are capable of being and growing in every shape form and possible freedom and dream capable in space time...seeing my self dyeing and being brutalized I had a bad ego death effect and it broke my heart the sorrow was deeply felt, not only was it due to the out come's of my other shadow self's in other dimensional rifts but to so many lives in so many worlds ....I was Free...alright we all are free forever...there are spirit's and demon's out there...some closer then the space witch collapses into the void of Silver glass highways of Light were thousands of trillions of infante possibility are Kept we will and all was be part of the Life matrix....bless your feet bless the ground you walk ON....Never EVER regret this precious gift we call Life...FOR many people who read this..your minds may be blown or you may pass this off as wind blowing through the tree's but you people who are truly unique and open minded will enjoy holy vision this I hope. thank you. -mike

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