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Lamb of God – Descending Lyrics 5 years ago
I don't have any official sources but, to me, the song is about the psychological effects and adverse conflicts between people regarding their belief in god(s) caused by religion. This song focuses on the Christian religion but I'm sure Mark Morton would probably say it could be interchanged with almost any religion. This is the writer snapping out of a long delusion and reflecting on it and admitting that he may go back.

The river I'm bound to be found in
A rope chosen bound for the hang

Disbelief in god(s) have ostracized people and believers have been responsible for killing nonbelievers due to the teachings of certain religions. The abrahamic religions in particular (Especially Old Testament) put a huge influence on "faith" and demonizing those who don't believe. This causes the believers to start conflict or look down on those who are outside of their group. In America today, people like to focus on the nicer teachings in the New Testament. This is mainly because of the nations secular beginnings making freedom of expression and religion imperative. Before these secular laws (which the bible actually says are demonic) there was killing everywhere over who believed what. The writer is saying he fears the consequence of denouncing his faith.

When I'm blinded I think I see everything
Convincing myself again

Religions have a strange way of making people think they are thinking outside of the box but, in reality, the very fact someone has a religion in the first place devoted to one certain deity that can not be proven or disproved is a box in itself. So what really happens is people end up trying to make everything fit into their tiny box and that is what they call "thinking outside the box". They may put a little twist on their interpretation of their doctrine or whatever. The writer is basically saying just because you twisted your box into a different shape other than a square doesn't mean you're not trapped. Religious fanatics tend to claim they "have opened their eyes to the truth" when all they have really done is made the assumption that their particular god out of thousands of potential conceptual deities exists and that everything is a by product of it. The writer is confessing that he convinces himself again that he is justified in his belief with this irrational way of thinking. Then it breaks off to:

this god that I worship (a faded reflection)

Nobody's idea of god is exactly the same. Most are male as the abrahamic's teachings make "the father" with heavy male characteristics but a lot are female, some are sexless, some even have both. Black or white some people's gods aren't a humanoid shape at all but the one thing that everyone's god has in common is that it is (a faded reflection) of themselves.
We project our own thoughts and interpretations onto the being. Here's a good video to explain further. It was made by an atheist agnostic but I think the writer is a theist agnostic. It doesn't really matter, though within context.

This demon I blame (a flickering flame)

When something wrong happens or when the person does something he or she is ashamed of they blame it on the demon. They are simply projecting themselves onto the demon as well. The truth is you are at fault for your own actions.

Conspire as one, exactly the same
It's exactly the same

He's saying both are just a product of him projecting himself. They are one and the same. They are him.

To never recover the pieces to all that we've lost
Recover...the pieces lost
The all we've lost

Again in my opinion, the writer is saying that there could possibly be a little bit of truth in the different religions. Maybe they all are fake. Maybe they all have one common origin. Maybe all of them are just metaphorical for natural causes and there is no god at all. Maybe there is one god. Maybe there are two. Maybe he loves us. Maybe he hates us. We'll never find out though because we:

I shudder to think of the consequence
It's blasphemy simple and true

Are afraid to ask questions. The teachings are so heavily saturated with "faith" and fail safes. Most religions sub text reads "Do not think outside of this book. Just believe this or you will burn. But I love you." This makes people bend over backwards trying to fit things into their box. Trying to convince themselves that there has to be some reason why they believe. SOMETHING has got to be out there.

The tragic protagonist torments
Convincing myself again

Lamb of God – Redneck Lyrics 5 years ago
"Redneck" was written by Mark Morton about Randy Blythe due to Randy's excessive drinking and arrogance at the time. Mark said himself in an interview that it was about Randy and that he did it to have him sing about himself on stage. "A laughing stock on your own fucking stage". Randy is aware but just doesn't really care so he interprets it as being applicable to anyone which Mark would most likely agree with since the fight between them is over. All members of Lamb of God are rednecks from Virginia so it isn't anything against "rednecks" or southerners. Mark probably named it that because of Randy's misuse of the word "redneck" and boastful pride in it. The guy who said the song is about Jesus Christ saving us is retarded.

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