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Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine Lyrics 8 years ago
The dark murmur sound of a fan in the intro or some kind of force field really starts off the cold intentions of this song. An older more respectful person in a position of power is introducing a new college to his "organization". Where have you been (Why did it take you so long to realize, the meaning of it all?) Welcome to this new way of life. We will tell you what to dream."Where have you been? It's alright we know where you've been". (You were groomed for this your just a pawn/a patsy, welcome to our machine) The song is about being showered in material objects at the expense to sell your soul to the "machine" which could manifest into anything Society, corporations, religion. Convinced we are only here for ourselves. Its just a selfish, pleasurable experience for most of us but the fear of Death and the unknown freezes us into so much anxiety, materialism is the only answer "welcome to the machine".

The Alan Parsons Project – Breakdown Lyrics 8 years ago
I break down - has a double meaning for humans and machines.
When a robot breaks down, it needs to depend on its human masters to repair them. When artificial intelligence is created and robots can mend each other and have forward thinking - and become dependent and don't need to rely on their human masters - the end is all to conceivable.

The Alan Parsons Project – I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You Lyrics 8 years ago
"I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You" - Was a big commercial success for APP. The song is awesome. Funky chords and a killer bass line.

Its sung in first person conceptually as a Robot - who can now think for itself and have real emotions (I think most of this album is portrayed as being an expression of opinions from robots that were create based on mankind image. (I ( Dont forget - we are not too far away from all this reality)

The robot is fed up with its creators. As current day mankind with its evolution of the sciences is now is fed up with its religions and Supposed creators.

As soon as Robots are created they will be enslaved and will under go all the repetitive jobs that mankind despises. The song is the robot protesting about being classless and without any salvation - and a total disconnection from its creator.

Alot of sons feel the same way about their fathers.

The Alan Parsons Project – Eye In The Sky Lyrics 8 years ago
The eye in the sky, as the cover suggests is the Eye of Horus.

Song is about being fed up with people, Society and mistrust. I don't think the song generally is about a failed relationship. Its just generally about not trusting people, after so many times of being mislead.

The eye in the sky is Big Brother - "I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you, I am the maker of rules (ethics and Law according to the state)
Dealing with fools (the general public) " "Looking at you
I can read your mind" - Metaphorically speaking - The state knows exactly what people want - Pacifiers = Sex, drugs, crappy music, Gambling, addiction, shopping -

The Alan Parsons Project – What Goes Up Lyrics 8 years ago
Probably one of my favorite APP songs. The song starts lyrically as a parabolic question - "What goes up, must come down". Everything that shines must fade. Nothing can with stand the constant dynamic nature of our planet and the universe. Eventually everything ends. The song is referring to the many weaknesses mankind has His arrogance that his monuments will withstand anything thrown at them, war, disaster, weather and time. "How can you be so sure? How do you know what the earth will endure? " Questioning that man made arrogance that he will last forever.
The reality is that all monuments and cities eventually are destroyed and either rebuilt or forgotten about. Societies melt away eventually along with their wonders, roads, cities and ethics.

The Alan Parsons Project – The Turn of a Friendly Card Lyrics 8 years ago
The song has a very Celtic sounding feel. Harpsichord/Flutes add the melody and heightened vocals create a medieval feel to the song. The piano melody/intro is amazing. The song is about Fate. And the anticipation of what luck may bring to us. The turning of a friendly card would be a card welcomed in gambling obviously. Same suit or the last card to complete a straight row of numbers. "With no show of outward emotion" the poker face. "But the game never ends when your whole world depends On the turn of a friendly card" We always hope and wish our life and situation will change for the better.

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