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Coldplay – Viva la Vida Lyrics 8 years ago
Ok, so I agree that this song can be taken literally, but I also believe it could stand for something else. Here's my idea:

Literal- A king who felt like he was at the top of the world for one second, but the next everyone turned on him. He is on the run from the people who used to support him, but turned against him from making one mistake, or for doing something they didn't agree with. Who would want to be king? If you screw up once, then its like everyone turns on you. The people who build you up will break you down.

Symbolism- Someone who is really popular and well liked. Someone who felt like they had it all, when suddenly, they crumble. This person messes up, or doe something wrong, and now they realize that their "kingdom" wasn't even real, and all of these people who used to like them wouldn't always believe in them. It was all really just almost like a trick.

Eh , just my interpretation. No hate:)

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know Lyrics 8 years ago
first solo:
Somebody who really cares about someone and their feelings and is trying to make it work. ("told myself that you were right for me") but just doesn't feel anything, and they know the other person does. They used to love them, or they thought they did at first. ("but that was love and its an ache I still remember")

second solo:
Its about someone feeling like they were being tricked, and that the other person was blaming them for everything that went wrong in the relationship. How they arent regretting breaking it off because they were done constantly feeling like they did something wrong. ("Cuz I dont wanna live that way") When this person finally stood up for themselves, the person didn't go after them, saying that they had changed.("you said that you could let it go, and I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know") Personal note, if someone doesn't think you are worth going after, then they aren't worth it. Also, if someone is costantly blaming you and making you apoligize for nothing, then you should stand up for yourself.

This is about trying to erase a relationship (even one of friendship) and acting like you didn't even know someone. Making sure that you never talk about it, or never hear about it from that person. It happens a lot in this generation, where people will get popular, and when their friends bring up something that happened in the past, they tell you to stop it, or shut up. They treat you like a stranger, and it makes you feel bad because it just like "Were our good times that forgetable, and just not even worth anything to you anymore?" or "Are you afraid that by being associated to me, you somehow demean yourself?" You just don't feel worth it. And yes, this has happened to me -_-

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