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Rihanna – Stay Lyrics 7 years ago
I think it is about two people who are learning to love. The girl has become numb to love and has taken on a lifestyle of destruction. A guy comes a long... dares her to actually give him a chance rather than just letting him be another fling... It petrifies her to open up her heart because she has become a master at being numb...

He tells her that her life isn't about meaning... that shes just existing... within each other, they begin to exist. They begin to feel. He saw her for who she was because he was the same way.... He was just as hurt as she was. They struggled with love and trust... round and round they went. It was hard to let go of being numb, and truely allow themselves to feel the love they had for one another. If they let go and began to feel, it meant they had to feel the pain in their heart too... the girl finally did... she finally let go of the life she was living and began to feel. She excepted the pain, and let the love begin to heal her. She finally allowed herself to want him to stay instead of pushing him away.

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