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Nirvana – Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip Lyrics 5 years ago
This song is one of few where Kurt openly sings about drug use. First off the title of the song gives that away. Gallons of rubbing alcohol flow the strip...heroin users clean needles with rubbing alcohol to sanitize and kill diseases. The first verse -'""It hurts when you have to press that dull little thing
That you're only supposed to use once and then discard"
Where do you put it? In the garbage can, my honest friend
My shyness, pet her flow," The words hurts, press, dull, then he goes on to say supposed to use once and discard. Thats a needle. No Junkie uses a needle once. You use it as much as you can. The kurt goes on to say should i throw it in the trash, use with a friend who wont tell anyone. The shyness to let them know your a user. The the words "pet her flow.' meaning rubbing your arm after shooting up.
Now after the first verse, it start out with first getting high....bitching about his girl. Never having sex and other stuff. Heroin users lose sex drive.
Kurt sings about a meal a day but his heart is made. If you are a addict you only eat about once a day. Your first meal will always come sometime after you get high. Its impossible to eat before that. His heart being made is just saying, it is what it is and im not changing.
After all this is just about the thoughts of being high....crazy thoughts with friends. Kurt talks about putting someone in a freezer. Complaining about his girl again.....any crazy thoughts.
He thing starts coming down a bit...Starts talking maybe we should have gottin a education instead of being junkies. Then it turns into a big joke. Someone usually breaks the serious conversation to not kill the high.
But they are coming down so what does Kurt say??? One more Solo??? Getting high again baby. Screaming in excitement and pain.
Next lines are......"You're ... personally responsible for, uhh ...
The entire strip ... to be washed away ...
Cleansed ... as if gallons of, um, rubbing alcohol
Flowed through the strip and were set on fire." All this means is you better be responsible for cleaning your needle. Set on fire is obvious...You have to melt the drug to inject it. A lighter and a spoon.
The song ends with him being really high. Just random thoughts of things people think about when high.
Its one of the best songs ever writtin about heroin use. He captured everything. The guitar, the weird tempo. His voice. Its really beautiful.

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