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Cake – Comanche Lyrics 8 years ago
I would love for comments please, this is just my view... I am open for tons of other suggestions, opinions and discussion.

Cake – Comanche Lyrics 8 years ago
I looked up what "commode" was and I found that it could be a woman's ornate headdress, fashionable around 1700. Which is the era that the Comanche were around in and the time that they had made contact with Europeans for the first time.

To me it sounds like a statement describing a culture clash. A Comanche wearing a commode would be ridiculous at the time. Either he is saying that it is okay to welcome new changes or he is stating that these things were forced upon another culture.

I feel this song could be about having an open mind to what life is all about. A Comanche wearing a commode would have to be a huge step towards accepting another culture in that time. "If you want to have cities you have to build roads" Branching out to new ideas and exploring (building roads) and building your character based on what you have discovered (if you want to have cities). And so on go through the song with that in mind. Buuuuuuut...

Really, it sounds like he is talking about the redundancy of society always pushing their views onto others and pressuring peoples to think and behave a certain way.

"You need to straighten your posture and suck in your gut.
You need to pull back your shoulders and tighten your butt."

Society can put an emphasis/pressure on these things. Where is it really something important? Yes health care is important... but the perfect body?

"You need to find some new feathers and buy some new clothes.
Just get rid of the antlers and lighten your load."

Comanches were a native tribe, they wore their own cloths dressed with feathers and probably danced around with antlers sacredly (shot in the dark). The point is it was their heritage and who they were. Why would they need to, they never wanted it before. Change is good but do we really always want to be buying more items changing what we have to make us happy when we don't need to? Is some external factor twisting our true desires?

"Yeah come Comanche Comanche Comanche commode.
If you want to have cities you've got to build roads"

If you WANT to have cities - Do they want cities? you HAVE to build roads -being heavily persuaded to build roads for cities. Being persuaded do anything really.

It is extremely important to be yourself and discover the true facts of life and freedom. To try and accept society is also important but without the emphasis on the bullcrap. All for one and one for all people!

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