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Black Sabbath – Behind The Wall Of Sleep Lyrics 5 years ago
I don't think its so not about recreational drugs as it seems more of a passage into the spirit world and the return back. Too easy for straight and narrows to label everything they don't understand as druggie bable.

Queen – We Are The Champions Lyrics 5 years ago
Really? I dont think that Freddie would be so against not answering the question about his sexuality directly, as he was so private and figured it was his own buisness, to write a coming out of the closet song.

Queen – Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...) Lyrics 5 years ago
Ive read stuff that pointed to Freddie being bi even as a teen. Its not like he just started liking men out of the blue. I do think he had far more sex with men than women after the break up of the woman he called his best friend. I think they were all bi to a certain extent, sure Freddie had a fling with all the other members, possibly excluding Brian.

Queen – Bring Back That Leroy Brown Lyrics 5 years ago
Queen is very unsung when it comes to giving them credit for writing songs such as this, that seem to have been conjured up well before their time. 2nd only to the Beatles as far as Im concerened,but maybe a bit of an edge on musicianship for Queen. You could put this on a single flip side of Rocky Racoon and it would blend very well.

Queen – '39 Lyrics 5 years ago
Yes Brian has stated that it was written about space travel and in turn time travel related to the trip.
Why the year 39'? If you count the songs from Queens first album on, it falls as the 39th song. Very cleaver! that Brian May...

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