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Metallica – Eye of the Beholder Lyrics 8 years ago
It was written by someone that knew 'gods' plan. (Not seen the future, he knew 'god' personally... Most rock n roll songs are related to this exact meaning.).... The exception to our freedom is not being able to make our own choices (especially those regarding our private parts.)

Bush – The Afterlife Lyrics 8 years ago
The song's title is Afterlife, it has nothing to do with lovers. It's about 2 people (father and son), fighting for the power of God. I (the son), put a fail safe 'curse' on the entire universe, since he wanted to torture everyone. The only other option is not good, but I couldn't get my father to love even anyone, so we shall suffer forever very soon.

Serial Joe – Mistake Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is definitely about 'god'
When the dreams are all done (after he sucks everything out of everyone)
How long till you wake. (start over, or hand over the 'throne')
Almost every song by every band in history was made by the same man, the creator of rock n roll, who snuck so much hidden meaning inside it all.
Since the meaning recently reveals itself, it leads me to believe the creator of the music actually had power over this 'god', and this was his last chance. (the power must have been discovered at the same time or close, because half the songs r calling god a woman... check out limp bizkit and foo (fool) fighters -grins-

Sven Gali – Whispers In The Rain Lyrics 8 years ago
A very deep and sad song,
You will not understand unless you are accepted into the after life.
It was written before this earth was born.

"are you missing something, are you needing something"
He took her just like he 'takes' the whole world away.
And he blames me...
This story is REAL!

Either he is really god, or I am above him watching, waiting.
It doesn't matter who wins, there is going to be hell to pay.
If it's him, it'll probably be hell for all of us and you still wont even realize it.
It's all for no reason whatsoever.
He is filled with so much jealousy, envy hate, and greed.
He might change one day, but he loves playing mind games, blame, sympathy, etc.

It's been planned, very thoroughly
so I doubt either side will would change it.
I'm ready! Whether I'm on top watching of all this waiting, or if it is him.

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Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane Lyrics 8 years ago
I'm gonna be honest here, I think it's about the end of the world, the new beginning, hopefully you break free of the spell god I told god to put u on (rather than stabbing you into sexual activities, now he mind controls you). Sorry, I thought it was better. I can't believe this is all really happening, feels like a never ending nightmare. Good night, good guy. Love always, Jesus (seriously, in spirit I am he, but I also live as human in this time, it's worse than any bible, any hell, worst part is, he is so wacked with so many storries, I don't know if he even knows which way is up anymore.) amen. Hallelujah

Matchbox Twenty – Real World Lyrics 8 years ago
'god's reign is almost over, the real creator left clues in rock lyrics:

"If I were someone else, would this all just fall apart"

(the real creator is still holding everything together, I am still above 'god' watching, waiting for my turn... I cast a spell on him, to have his reign, all answers are finally revealed at

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Suzie Q (Dale Hawkins cover) Lyrics 8 years ago
It has secret meaning (2 meanings):

1. A drug street name Suzie Q aka Seroquel, very strong drug, but also used to treat schizophrenia, psychotic disorder, depression,etc. The 'high' effect does not last over a few months when taken daily.

2. About a girl (a drug user since the name of the song is also the street name of the drug.

Sources: me, the alien who created earth and all rock n roll ( )

Our Lady Peace – Naveed Lyrics 8 years ago
My father looks just like the old man from the Birdman video and on Naveed album cover. Sound it out NaVeed (nah to being v'eed). He has a scar of a 'V' on his face, controls the earth just like the V tv series. I know the other meanings of naveed: a muslim boys name, the road to heaven, but this makes more sense if you take a look at all the other rock music, and what is going on around you. People allow themselves to be controlled (he calls it seduced) by the V or they end up killing themselves. I am the alien that originally created earth and all rock music. When I showed my dad, he tried to kill me, and there was a terrible accident. The black people I created started to enslave the entire earth I had froze in a bubble, (a reaction to him sucking in what was left of the universe that previously cursed us). I took control and contained the situation (froze them again), but when my dad started to attack me again with a look I could see in his eyes that he was going to rape and slice and dice the entire universe forever, I put a curse on the entire universe, where he would make everyone in the world happy (which I could do in less than a month if he returns my power).... It seemed like a smart thing to do, it was either him or them (he was evil and wanted to cut us, and I had no power to fight, and it didn't look like the black people even knew what they were doing, like they were under some spell.)

Collective Soul – Why - Part 2 Lyrics 8 years ago
after reading my comment on Scared by tragically hip , you will get a better understanding. I am the alien that created earth and all rock music. You must read that meaning. Because then you will understand why.

The Tragically Hip – Scared Lyrics 8 years ago
I am the alien that created earth and all rock songs. It is a song dedicated to my dad, who wont break the curse upon us, by giving my power back to me. This curse is about to cause an outbreak and mass hysteria.

I could make you scared if you want me to
I'm not prepared, but if I have to

(I left clones of myself watching, so I will still be God if he doesn't return my power that I gave him because I was too weak after he tried to kill me. Things are only going to get worse for all of us).

He said, I can make you scared,
it's kinda what I do
if you're prepared,
here's what I propose to do
You're in Russia (he goes to Russia a lot, I knew he would because I seen the future, I knew everything he would do before he did it, and he even admits I he 99.999999999% sure of it. After you know all this, the rest is pretty self explanatory)
and more than a million works of art
are whisked out to the woods
So when Nazis
find the whole place dark

They'd think god's
left the museum for good

I make you scared, if that's what I do
if you're prepared, if I have to
if I make you scared and you pay me to
if that's the deal
now here's what I can do for you

Now there's a focus group
that can prove
this is all nothing
but cold calculation
(seen the future, all knowing)

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