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Clinic – Distortions Lyrics 14 years ago
First off I might be ever so slightly influenced by Chad Crouch's "Pregnant" because I listened to these two songs at the same time but couldn't this song be more about a secret of some sort instead of the love part? Like pregnancy.

Rocky Votolato – Suicide Medicine Lyrics 15 years ago
I not sure what this song really is about. Suicide? It says it in the title but it doesn't make sense. He's clearly in love with someone, not a very good reason to kill yourself. Maybe she left him. Are there even good reasons to commit suicide?
Some fatal illness? That would seem more like it. He lies in bed, "looking for answers" unable to stop thinking and the second part of the title's medicine that could be considered a clue.
But what if it's none of that? What if the words in the title actually are symbols. Symbolism so to speak. Not to be taken litterally. Not that my interpretation would be any less cliché than the others but i see it like that:
"a brain that never stops ticking" thinking unable to stop.
"sometimes an on-off switch would sure come in handy" but it doesn't have one.
"a mind that's constantly cutting up and dissecting
looking for answers committing murders along the way"
I guess we all know how that feels, maybe lying awake at night when what happened during the day still haunts us and won't let us find sleep or peace.
"if this medication upsets your stomach
take it with crackers bread or a small meal
we understand it won't do shit towards the cure
but if you buy this I promise you're gonna like the way it makes you feel"
What kind of medicine doesn't do shit towards the cure but would make us like the way it makes us feel?
What cure? To stop thinking, to stop cutting up and dissecting everything that happens, to stop commiting murder along the way.
I can only guess how it feels to take drugs but from my experience with alcohol I think it's kind of the similar. Yeah I think this song is about drugs, it's medicine, it's suicide, it makes you worry less, think less. It's like a bomb you can't control you can cut any wire the red one or the blue it just doesn't matter anymore. But you know what? I think I am wrong. The only thing I am sure of is that in that moment when he "[leaves] his body behind to break the news" he realizes that he really, wholly and purely is in love with whoever this song is for.

Finch – Waiting Lyrics 18 years ago
This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.

Finch – Waiting Lyrics 18 years ago
What bothers me about this song is the obvious lie at the end. No matter how hard we try, we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Miracle of 86 – Teenage Unity Song Lyrics 18 years ago
Well if anyone else cares. Now I know by whom the hidden track is. Her name is Tess Wiley.

Miracle of 86 – Teenage Unity Song Lyrics 18 years ago
Well first I have a confession to make, I downloaded this song but only because I can`t buy the Cd where I live and by now I have already ordered one. But that`s not really the point. This song also is the last song on the Emo Diaries 2 and something about two or more minutes after the song is over there is a hidden track. Is that song by The Miracle Of 86 too?

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