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Hozier – Sedated Lyrics 7 years ago
Exactly what came into my mind too

Noisettes – Atticus Lyrics 8 years ago
I think it's about the excitement/desire of a forbidden love that has become so strong that you no longer care about/are fearless of other's opinion of it. Atticus is used as a metaphor here as he was a character who was fearless about acting in a way that everyone else was either too prejudiced or too afraid to. The other reference to To Kill A Mockingbird at the beginning of the song along with "Pandora's Euphoria" are basically saying being naughty is exciting!

The whole message of the song is summarised pretty nicely in the final lines of the song: "why don't we fall into the waves, can't you see how my heart yearns to misbehave".

Panic! at the Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa Lyrics 8 years ago
This song to me is about people in this case a woman who uses an heir of mystery to control people/keep them interested in her, hence the painting of the Mona Lisa is used as a metaphor/analogy of this person's behaviour.

No one knows who the mona lisa really is or what emotions she is feeling and this is what makes her so intriguing. In the song the speaker wants to know more about her and how she is feeling and has a few ideas of his own about this but she's not giving anything away! She believes that if she were to tell all her secrets and be more open then his interest would disappear.

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy Lyrics 9 years ago
This song to me is not for a moment about drugs like some people have suggested.

I think this song is saying that it often takes being in a dark emotional place to really begin to understand who you are as a person/who we are as people. It's a critique of the majority who go through life seemingly happy and "in control" but who don't really question or analyse themselves or what is going on around them and instead conform to what they perceive to be normal while assuming that people who are deeper are "crazy". In the last verse it it is suggested that the people to be admired are the ones who aren't afraid to step away from the norm and the choruses that pose the question; "does my deeper understanding/view of myself and what's going on make me crazy or is it actually just everyone else?!"

Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We're Goin Down Lyrics 9 years ago
To me, the song meaning is pretty simple:

It's about being into someone who doesn't feel the same, he knows he is making himself look an idiot chasing her; "Drop a heart, break a name" (and the moose ears in the music video) ,and he hates himself for it,"take back what you said, take aim at myself"

And it's all told from an over-emotional, teenage point of view!:

"we're always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team"
"i'm watching you two from the closet"
I think these two lines are deliberately written to provoke idea's that perhaps the song is about a gay love interest but they can actually just be taken to mean choosing to sleep with the wrong people; "sleeping for the wrong team" and being secretly jealous as in the expression "skeletons in the closet".

"lie in the grass next to the mausoleum"- well, laying next to loads of dead bodies to ponder how sad it is you're not liked as much back is pretty "emo"!

"that's just who i am this week"- i think this refers to the fickle nature of young people and their ever changing emotions

"a loaded god complex, cock it and pull it"
lots of people say this is a suicidal reference and i guess that would correspond with my interpretation too.

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