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Bring Me the Horizon – Hospital For Souls Lyrics 8 years ago
There's a lot being talked about in this song.

The beginning monologue is Oli basically talking about ridding his drug addiction. He found out how hard it is too quit. He got comfortable with being addicted. He did the drugs so the pain would leave. Some of the lyrics are wrong here, he is really saying, "there's always a hell when you come back down", and by that it means that no matter how many times he would get high, the numbness would always come back when he sobered up. He then realizes that everything he ever wanted and longed for was right in front of him. In his friends, the music he makes, the love from his fans, he had to quit the addiction.

Onto the song.

"The days are a death wish
A witch hunt for an exit
I am powerless"

Daily suicidal thoughts. Looking for a way out. He's powerless.

"The fragile, the broken
Sit in circles and stay unspoken
We are powerless"

Connecting with the listener. People aren't speaking out about their depression because they feel scared and powerless.

"Because we all walk alone on an empty staircase
Idle in the halls and nameless faces
I am powerless"

We walk alone. Idle. No talking. Nameless faces. Lonelyness. Sadness.

"Everybody wants to go to heaven
But nobody wants to die"

Now here is where it can get confusing for some. In my opinion this is about life/death in general and religious beliefs. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.. its the truth ain't it? But if heaven is so amazing.. why is everyone scared of death?

"I can fear death no longer
I've died a thousand times"

Some may argue but i think its pretty obvious whats being stated here.
Oli has realized the ultimate truth.
We are all one.
He is you. And you are me. We are all one. We've lived thousands and millions of lives. As beings. Separate consciousnesses. Split into millions of living beings. He is no longer scared of death because he believes that their will always new life for him to experience. Its impossible to explain this line in short of writing a book about it. Take it how you want to take it.

This next part of lyrics is also wrong, its actually.

"Why explore the universe
When we don't know ourselves?

Here he is saying, as humans, why explore the universe with all these problems and unanswered questions we have here on earth?

"There's an emptiness inside our heads
That no one dares to dwell..."

This is almost impossible too figure out 100% but my guess is he is talking more about the ultimate truth, religion and afterlife. Possibly stating (like he has many times on previous albums) that we are all going to die. And there is no afterlife. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. No one dares question it because it is, in fact, so terrifyingly true.

Lyrics explain themselves for the rest of the song.
Amazing, Amazing lyrics written here. Possibly there most mature work. Really speaks to me and i'm sure, if your reading this, you as well.

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A wonderful song about a wonderful plant. :)

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If you've ever done LSD. You would know that this song, is not about drawing, or some girl named Lucy. Its about fucking acid.

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