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Woe, Is Me – Fame Demise Lyrics 4 years ago
I'm pretty pissed that Tyler and Michael left the band, because this is a great addition to the story the lyrics of Number[s].
So the whole album Number[s] basically accounts for a kid that breaks away from an abusive lifestyle, specifically referred to as the father.
This song is based on the same idea. The son is betting the father that he will "live longer" because he is living a better life now. he's built his way out of his demise.
Eh. In general terms, it's the same idea as the album.

Woe, Is Me – Desolate [The Conductor] Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is a great closure to the album. So the whole album basically sums to the idea that you shouldn't be dragged down by your family/your home/the things you're given in youth. I imagine it as a more broad idea than the lyrics in the album explicitly say. The album uses a theme of a kid splitting off from his father. Basically his father makes him feel like a monster inside. So he leaves, It's a challenge but he does it.

So this song is an afterward situation. He's finally free. "Sleeping in with the poor is a fortune for the brave" is just saying the protagonist has a hole in his life where his father/family was, but he's doing it to pursue his dreams and eventually live a better life. In a more broad context, you've got to make sacrifices to get to your end goal.

"Every night, Salvage every skyline, only enough so that you might have the chance to feel fine" adds to this. Every day, you have to acknowledge this fight is for a greater cause.

Woe, Is Me – If Not For Ourselves Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is pretty complex
The whole album seems to be versed by a kid who is braking away from his family, specifically his father,
The first portion of the song is written from the perspective of the father. Basically a "you need us"/"you're nothing without me"
The second half is from the son. Basically he is just saying "you're wrong, you'll know my name when I'm done"

Basically, the moral is, forget your family or the things that are tying you down, follow your dreams

Woe, Is Me – For The Likes Of You Lyrics 4 years ago
I love this song, one of my favorites on the album. A perfect interlude-type sound.

I think it's just about moving on from the things that bring you down in life.

Woe, Is Me – I. Lyrics 4 years ago
I think it's just about getting broken down and depressed. Kind of a transition to the next song (Which is about following your dreams, overcoming depression, etc)

Woe, Is Me – Our Numbers[S] Lyrics 4 years ago
This song is about growing up. You take a lot of flak from other people. But f them. Follow your own dreams, you don't need them

Queens of the Stone Age – The Blood Is Love Lyrics 4 years ago
or stillbirth

Queens of the Stone Age – The Blood Is Love Lyrics 4 years ago
It's about a relationship that has to be ended because she got knocked up and decides to get an abortion

Green Day – See the Light Lyrics 5 years ago
21st Century Breakdown is about the great American conflict; the battle between the political "Left" and "Right;" the battle between Liberalism and Conservatism. The album creates a feeling like the future looking back at the past. It seems like a life story an old man tells his kids.

The album follows the story of Christian and Gloria, of the class of '13. (The class that are high school freshmen at the time the album was released.) Christian is first introduced in the song “21st Century Breakdown.” Christian is growing up and realizing the government in his world is corrupt. He and his classmates were raised by the “Bastards of 1969.” He rejects society because the few and powerful misguide the hardworking citizens. Christian left high school, but never made it as a “working class hero,” he decided instead to go to the streets and preach his story. “Know Your Enemy” follows Christian's quest. Ironically, Billy Joe himself is reflected in Christian's character. They both become “punks” who reject popular culture.

Gloria is introduced in the next track, “Viva la Gloria!” On his quest, Christian meets a girl unlike anyone he'd ever met. Gloria is an idealistic youth, who unlike Christian, accepts society and covets its ideas like religion. In the second half of the song, Gloria abandons her life for her new love. However, Christian will eventually change Gloria. The song “Before the Lobotomy” contrasts her lives. The “Lobotomy” represents Christian's process of Liberalizing Gloria. Now, Gloria is no longer an innocent youth. She sprays graffiti and doing drugs. She's completely lost the connection with her old life. She no longer feels in touch with God. To Christian's dismay, Gloria is deeply disturbed by her changes. “Christian's Inferno” is Gloria's predicament. She loves Christian, but she has to be a sinner to be with him.

During “Last Night On Earth,” Gloria decides to stay with Christian, living her life like it's the last day on earth. “East Jesus Nowhere” thickens the plot. Christian's war has escalated. He asks Gloria to fully devote to his way of thinking. The puppy love stage of their relationship is over. “Peacemaker” is from the viewpoint of the class of '69. They accuse of being Christian a non-believer and an infidel. They beg Gloria to leave him. The story has mirrored that of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet/Gloria's “family” have formed a violent mob chanting “death to the ones at the end of the serenade!” “Last of the American Girls” is Gloria's reaction. She has decided to stand up for what she believes and leave Christian. She is special, not because she holds true to her values, but because she recognizes the faults in society and still holds her values.

“Murder City” and “Restless Heart Syndrome” are about their break-up. Christian has turned alcohol to cope. Gloria is better off, she just wants a cigarette, haha. Gloria, on the other hand, has no where to go now that she has left Christian. Her old family will no longer accept her now that she has been tainted by Christian. “Horseshoes and Handgrenades” is Christian's “fuck you” to Gloria. His situation has escalated to self destruction. He blames the old age for all of his problems.

“The Static Age” eludes that Christian has died, presumably from his own self-destructive spiral and motivation to destroy the establishment. The song doubles as a reference that mass media has lost all meaning and also a symbol that Christian's war has ended. There is “static” in the radio because Christian's war has no leader, or perhaps that Christian has martyred himself to destroy the old age. “21 Guns” Shows the tragedy of his death. Gloria blames herself for leaving him.

The last two tracks, “American Eulogy” and “See the Light” seem to be a shift from Christian and Gloria's story to the bigger picture. Either Christian's war for Liberalism or the Old Age's Conservatism has won. Either way, Gloria doesn't want to live in the modern world. If Liberalism has won, Gloria is the last rebel sinking into the underground, hoping for salvation from her sins. If the Old Age has won, Gloria is the last rebel hoping for a one day free society. She has taken higher ground. She realizes this isn't her fight, because it's not worth fighting for. She recognizes that the “ever after” is “in the hands of fate.”

Queens of the Stone Age – My God Is the Sun Lyrics 6 years ago
Is he talking about the desert, where Homme is from?

Queens of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing Lyrics 6 years ago
I think it has to do with how he CHANGED after his near death experience.
"A spitting image of me
Except for a heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out"
"Pieces were stolen from me"

Maybe he now appreciates life more?
"With my toes on the edge it’s such a lovely view"

Attack Attack! (USA) – The Motivation Lyrics 6 years ago
He's motivated because of his girl

Grizzly Bear – Gun-Shy Lyrics 6 years ago
This song is difficult to decrypt

He's too shy to ask someone out even though they are often together.
Maybe it's about the friendzone.

"And when I move my face left
You're always standing there"
"And when I try to face you
You're walking away"

Grizzly Bear – All We Ask Lyrics 6 years ago
I think it is saying that there is a lack of leadership. Those who are leading are failing at doing so.

"You made the call and I just, stood by"

"You took the car around the bend
And ran it in the ground, let's pretend."

"And all we ask
Another voice
Lead us on"

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