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Linkin Park – Roads Untraveled Lyrics 6 years ago
I love this song. It has so much meaning and every time I listen to me it gives me the chills (:

Justin Bieber – As Long as You Love Me Lyrics 7 years ago
I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber, but this song has a lot of meaning behind the lyrics and that's why I like it.

Linkin Park – Lies Greed Misery Lyrics 7 years ago
To me, this song reminds me of this guy that liked me but was dating my best friend. He wrote me a note saying he didn't like my best friend anymore, still liked me, and was jealous of me and my boyfriend. I told my best friend and my boyfriend. She dumped him for being such a jerk and my boyfriend was pissed at him. The chorus of this song is basically what i want to yell in his face. (:

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