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Yes – Roundabout Lyrics 8 years ago
I remember some 30 years ago hearing an interview with members of Yes on the radio. The inevitable question about the meaning of "Roundabout" was asked. After 30 years I surprisingly remember much of the detail. The answer was that the song was written on the train as they were travelling to Montreux. "In and around the lake
Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there" refers to the mountains and their reflections as they appeared on Lake Geneva during the trip. "Ten true summers," it was their 10th trip to the festival. "Catching the swirling wind the sailor sees the rim of the land the eagle's dancing wings create as weather spins out of hand," there was a storm building on the lake and they could see a boat heading in and an eagle riding the thermals while hunting. "Feel partly no more than grains of sand" and "surrounded by a million years" refers to how small they felt and how brief our existence within the magnificence of the setting.

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