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Justice – D.A.N.C.E. Lyrics 6 years ago
Pretty Young Thang as in Michael JAckson's song PYT

Justice – On 'n' On Lyrics 6 years ago
The house keys are the keys to heaven. Smoke and feather are light as in without weight but in the way the bible was originally written all meanings of the word light are the same and mean goodness.

Justice – On 'n' On Lyrics 6 years ago
Before daybreak there were none
And as it broke there was one
From moon to sun it goes on 'n' on
(No doubt in my mind this is about the book of Genesis and the progression of time into the modern era)

The winter battle was won
The summer children were born
And so the story goes on 'n' on

Come on woman with your life beats
Those we buried with the house keys
(Read these two lines together, with your life beats those we buried with the house keys. The keys to the kingdom of heaven)

Smoke and feather where the fields are green
(Smoke and feathers are both light, as in without much weight but in the bible all forms of the word light are the same and refer to goodness. The fields of green could be Eden, Earth, or Heaven.)

From here to eternity
(From Earth to Heaven and also for all time)

Come on woman in your own time
(in the modern era)

Far, far, far from the virgin vine
(far from the garden of Eden when man and woman knew not of good or evil)

Rise on out from the dead leaves
(Rise out of the attachment to the material world as in vanity, lust, want, desire for these physical things)

Come back to me
(come back to god and goodness)

Oh, she sings your favorite song
(maybe temptation)

Left to tears and dreams it goes and then on
(maybe temptation still leaves you wanting and sad)

A vessel in the bloodline
(a part of the lineage of humans)

The 13th zodiac sign
(13 may represent evil and the zodiac sign the East)

A stitch in time it goes on 'n' on
(These things are now but there is eternity)

Some day the grapes will be wine
(In the garden of Eden we ate without want and when we were cast out we were cursed to toil for our food, and after the giant flood Noah made wine and got drunk all the time and things really went to shit for a long time, but this could just refer to the progression of time and the maturing of an idea)

And some day you will be mine
(Some day you will be with god in heaven)

And so the story goes on 'n' on
(The story could be the bible, or time)

Come on woman if your life beats
Those we buried with the house keys
(if your life follows the path to heaven)

That which was put in the ground
Will some day come back around
(Maybe the garden of Eden will return in the form of heaven, or maybe Earth will be free of Evil)

From dust to dust it goes on 'n' on
(When Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden they were cursed to a mortal existence)

Before daybreak there were none
And as it broke there was one
And still the story goes on 'n' on

Justice – Civilization Lyrics 6 years ago
Standing in line as we march to the drums of the east
(refers to Revelation 16:12-16 where the river Euphrates dries up so the "Kings of the East" are prepared for a massive battle)

Paralyzed and possessed by crusaders' deceit
(they are saying that mankind is deceived by various groups who present themselves as the answer to our problems, in the prophecies of the bible it speaks of the church twisting the idea of Jesus to sort of mask their truly evil intent, but it doesn't have to be just the a church it can be anything that is saying they are the good path when they are evil)

Lost to the sirens that call from the turbulant tide
(Could be a metaphor for all sorts of things, think fox news or something setting us up for a massive war)

Bound by the science that lives on the lips of the wise
(The wise are probably those who consider themselves to be wise to a secret knowledge that contradicts god, could also refer to Genesis where man is cast out of paradise for eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil when tempted by the serpent)

The beating of a million drums
(They are saying all these different groups are trying to lead man onto the side of darkness and bring about some terrible war)

The fire of a million guns
The mother of a million sons
(could be straight forward, Earth, or could refer to China... whatever. In revelation it says "And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand" which would 2 billion, easier to say a million in a dance song)

Stand aside as they bow to the call of the east
(Get away from these people who would bring about their own destruction and the destruction of all mankind)

Tantalized and seduced by the demons relief
(The demons relief almost certainly to me is the idea that by following evil you don't have to live up to the burden of deciding for yourself what is right and wrong)

Dance to the ground by the whim of the merciless sky
(talking about paganism, where everything is magic and therefore chaos, and just acting without thinking of what is right and wrong. The sky above you might be a secret master controlling mankind)

Born to the fire that burns in the all seeing eye
(Fire and the all seeing eye are triangles symbolizing one ruling over the many and man climbing to the top of the mountain where they become god themselves. They are symbols of evil)

The beating of a million drums
The fire of a million guns
The mother of a millions sons

Justice – DVNO Lyrics 6 years ago
SOOOO, here is my whole take on this. I have acted in many different ways in my life so I know a lot of people aren't going to want to think about this kind of stuff, BUT if you read this book that is everywhere called the bible then this makes a lot of sense. So here it is line by line, just my take on it.

It's always the same
I’m always ashamed
Storytelling when i can’t come in
(Making up excuses for not doing what you know to be good or just)

But one more time
I insist and I swear
I mean no offense (to god)

But you better learn to read (the bible)

it's all about membership (the choice of good or evil)

I spell it for the young and old (in the bible, or literally the singer is now spelling it out to you)

Ugly girls and boys (maybe... arrogant self obsessed young people)

I put you on my list
And make you clap to this (even though you totally don't understand what you're dancing to)

It's mayhem or just an ego trip (being blind to the word of god)

But only one can win (good or evil)

And soon you'll say that’s him (when god is presented in two forms; the true one and the false one)

D V N O (Divinity)

Four capital letters
Printed in gold (Presented in the material world, possibly evil posing as divinity)

Because details make the girls sweat even more
while they're shaking their belt (being human)

No need to ask my name (the name of god)

to figure out how cool I am (to know the difference between good and evil)

Can anyone read (the words of god)

anyone feel
That I'm losing my patience (That god is losing patience with mankind because we keep picking evil)

I just came here to bounce (Maybe... Jesus came to bring a message and then leave)

Ladies out west, they all know I'm coming (the "kings of the EAST" are supposed to bring about the end of days, so the ladies of the west could be the opposite, the followers of the word of god.)

I'm losing my patience
I just came here to bounce

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