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Bee Gees – Nights On Broadway Lyrics 10 years ago
Call me old-fashioned, but I have always thought this song was written by a married man whose wife had left him for high life. Here's why:

"Here WE are in a room full of STRANGERS." -- They are a couple whose intimacy excludes all others.

He was so busy as a musician singing love songs on Broadway that he neglected his relationship with her.

"Now in MY place..." He used to be the only one, the husband. Now, she's sleeping with anybody and everybody.

"Even if it takes a lifetime..." -- Denotes marriage vows for life.

"Somehow I feel inside you never, ever left my side. Make it like it was before." -- Being by his side sounds like marriage, and he is calling her back to their marriage relationship as husband and wife.

Just thinking.

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