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The Beatles – I Am the Walrus Lyrics 8 years ago
it's just throwing out random words to entertain trippers. the juxtaposition of bizarre and incongruous images can be very entertaining partly because they are pure meaningless fantasy

The Beatles – All Together Now Lyrics 8 years ago
lennon never used a chromatic - too hard to play. (listen to stevie wonder) it was a diatonic or blues harp. just suck and blow!

The Beatles – Birthday Lyrics 8 years ago
it's spelled "definitely". and i guess beethoven was a lousy composer too - prat!

The Beatles – All My Loving Lyrics 8 years ago
the falling bass line at the start of the verse just makes this song

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 8 years ago
this song starts as a kind of vague question, as the singer has found himself caught in an unescapable series of events and can't believe it's actually happening.
he tries to kid himself that he doesn't really care
next we move to his prison cell where he's explaining to his distraught mother that he has killed someone and as a result, thrown his own young life away, as he is going to be executed within 24 hours.
he then explains that it's too late for any kind of reprieve, and that he feels physically sick at the thought of what is about to happen. he cries that he doesnt want to die and wishes he'd never even been born
then the interesting bit:
he goes into a kind of daydream, reverie, whatever where a kind of operatic drama is taking place in his head between him, the poor boy who has got himself into a terrible situation in a moment of madness, the chorus who are pleading for clemency, and the authorities who are legally bound to execute him. there's lots of cod-italian images, which i think is Freddie having a really good time writing.
at the end of this bit he pleads to be released as he feels that the devil, beelzebub is going to punish him enough.
we then move into the hard rock bit where his mood changes and he starts to feel angry that anyone has the right to do this to him and is despeately looking around for a way to get out, no matter what.
this doesn't last long, however, and he soon runs out of energy and lapses into acceptance of the unchangeable situation.

i believe this is the greatest song ever written. it's like the mount everest of popular music, as beethoven 5 is the everest of the classics. mercury was known as a great showman, but people forget that he was a great musician and composer. up there with lennon mcartney, buddy, dylan, hendrix, sting etc etc.
the role of the rest of the band is undeniable, notably brian may's amazing guitar. second only to hendrix and the equal or better of knoplfler, clapton, gilmour, beck etc IMHO.
there is just so much attention to detail it feels like it must have taken years to compose and execute
some songs just cannot be topped, good vibrations, whiter shade of pale, i'm not in love, i will survive, numerous beatles come close but this is is perfection!

David Bowie – Life on Mars? Lyrics 8 years ago
this is bowie looking through the eyes of a well-bought-up girl feeling boredom and ennui looking at life through movies and tv shows. more violence and futility
"oh god, it's all tedious! is there life on mars? it must be better than this!"

The Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Women Lyrics 8 years ago
it wasn't his nose she was blowing - silly!

Coldplay – Yellow Lyrics 8 years ago
i think this song is about custard

Iggy Pop – Shakin' All Over Lyrics 8 years ago

Iggy Pop – Shakin' All Over Lyrics 8 years ago

The Beatles – Day Tripper Lyrics 8 years ago
the beatles hadn't even heard of acid when this was written. not till years later during sgt pepper

Mott The Hoople – Roll Away The Stone Lyrics 8 years ago
what a let down! i thought this was going to be a witty, insightful song making observations on the crucifixion, dope smoking and the rolling stones. instead it's a boring lyric about taking his girlfriend to a rockabilly (of all things) gig!

David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust Lyrics 9 years ago
There is a lot about Ziggy stardust/jimi hendrix
1. the names have a similar sound
2. jamming good with wierd and gilly - hendrix loved to jam and wierd and gilly always seemed good names for redding and mitchell
3. spiders from mars - much of jimis work had a science fiction feel about it
4. played it left hand...boy could he play guitar - both sum up the greatest guitarist ever
5. screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo - good description of the afro days
6. came on so loaded - often played stoned or tripping
7. well hung - read what the plastercasters groupies said about him
8. snow white tan - ironic reference to black skin?
9. jiving us that he was voodoo - this has to be the clincher, listen to the two versions of voodoo child on electric ladyland
10. leper messiah - hendrix and clapton were considered gods or gurus
11. both characters end up dead
there is a lot that doesn't seem to fit but that just makes it interesting!

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