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Steely Dan – Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me) Lyrics 7 years ago
Hauntingly great pedal steel, have loved this tune for decades. As far as I'm concerned this tune has the world of the strip club written all over it. Race of angels -- stripper sorority, Bound with one another -- Their shared profession, dish of dollars laid out for all to see -- ever seen their leg band and/or the stage floor? As far as the male figure in this lyric (tower room at Eden Rock, golf at noon) I'd be willing to bet that Fagan and friends were watching some one fairly prominent's (Steely D was at the top of their game at this time and living large) wife/girl friend riding the pole while he was on the back nine. I'd also go as far as to say that she's possibly someone that's been on the screen (TV/movies) "a face we all have seen". The refrain "Brooklyn owes the charmer under me" is brilliant play on phrase --- Brooklyn (knows) (owes) -- in other words this woman was possibly known from that area and was also corrupted by the street there (hence the borough "owes" her) and "charmer under me" (I would say he was doing her after she seduced him). Daily preaching where she wants to be -- Don't most strippers long for something better? Case of aces -- her pocketbook full of singles. Whole time we gain or lose and power to choose -- I believe was his philosophical conundrum with his/her plight (theme of the album-- Can't buy a thrill) Or maybe I'm just too drunk and full of shit. Thanks for reading.

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