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Alice in Chains – Heaven Beside You Lyrics 7 years ago
To me, personally, this song is about being emotionally exhausted, or being in a very dark place inside, and how you see the activity of the people around you. Seeing people going through their own experiences, and knowing what they are doing, and understanding what they are talking about, but feeling very apathetic towards it, weather its something that you know is something you may approve or disapprove of. I feel like it means that you know you are surrounded by positive things that you can focus on, but you stay negative inside, unable to help it, and it feels terrible- "like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you, hell within". I also feel that there is emotional conflict in it, that these feelings are terrible, and you would like to be rid of them for happiness, but not liking the way the people around you are acting, so you stay unhappy- "do what you wanna do, go out and seek your truth, when I'm down and blue, rather be me than you". it is as if you are sitting in shadows quietly, feeling this apathetic darkness towards all of the activity going on in the light, and not wanting to step out into it because the darkness has become a sort of comfort zone, and you aren't sure if it is worth leaving it behind, no matter how irrational and negative that might seem- "I'm just see through faded, super jaded, and out of my mind". That is just the way i personally relate to it and interpret it.

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